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Student body wins transparency fight with Student Senate

Jacob Downey




On Feb. 5, the Plymouth State Student Senate, the organization formerly known as the Student Government Association, unanimously passed A.AY 2324.3 – Bylaw Change for Recordings. This resolution codifies students’ right to observe and record PSSS proceedings. This is an undeniable win for PSU’s students and for free speech. We organized, we mobilized, and we made change happen. Unfortunately, PSSS is now attempting to rewrite history.

In the immediate aftermath of their meeting, PSSS took to Instagram to celebrate the amendment’s passing. Though the comments were filled with current and former members congratulating Student Body President Devonte Gilmore, political science major Chris Ford ‘24 responded that “… after months of arguing, hold-ups, and debating, it is good to see PSSS do the right thing and remember that they represent the Students!”

Ford is right on the money. By utilizing our First Amendment right to protest, the student body of Plymouth State University has reminded PSSS that “open doors” and “open dialogue” is the expectation, not something that is theirs to give.

There is a lot we can learn from this months-long debate. Students should walk away knowing that our say matters. When we dig in our heels on a principled stance, we can fight and we can win. 

PSSS should learn that they have to work with their constituents on issues that matter, not just register people for Ski Day and share the constituent concerns they bother to write down. If their goal is to be defacto interns for Student Life, then it is inappropriate to wear the guise of public service. Our representation should act a little more punk-rock. There needs to be an official body to tell administration that no amount of “gratitude” makes up for backward policy. If the current PSSS refuses to be that body, then on election day we will find people who can be.

Special elections for various positions including nearly all seats allocated to the class of ‘25 are open until Thursday, Feb. 15 with elections for next year to be announced in the coming weeks. Additionally the athletics, international, and graduate representative positions outlined in PSSS’s constitution lack an incumbent and are currently missing from the ballot. 

Self nominations can be made here. For more information contact Speaker William Loughlin or Advisor Jessica Dutille.