photo of USSB representative Jonah Rosenberg

Photo by Jacob Downey

WPCR GM JR elected to USSB

Luke Young


Managing Editor


Jonah Rosenberg is PSU’s uncontested nominee for the University System Student Board Representative. He currently serves as general manager of WPCR, Plymouth’s on-campus radio station, but has set his sights a bit higher for this year.

Why did you run for Student Board Representative and what are your plans?

I’m running for student board representative to give more of a voice to the students of Plymouth State and PSU as a whole at the USNH level, as well as to collaborate with other critical people to help make important decisions that should make Plymouth State better for everybody. I plan to work with the current board rep and other members of the Student Government to gain a better understanding of where Plymouth can be improved in itself as a whole and work with other higher-ups who know how to make that vision happen. 

What is the most important issue on campus, in your opinion?

I would say parking and the condition of the residence halls are in. Parking is an issue of people parking illegally or in the wrong place and should be corrected. Residence hall facilities could also use some well-needed improvement. I know funding plays a big role in that, so getting attention to where it is needed is crucial. That can also affect retention rates, which are incredibly important to the university.

Have you held a similar position to this in the past? 

I have not, but I think it’s a good stepping-stone. I’m excited to see what happens.

What does a Student Board Rep do?

The University System’s Select Board (USSB) would work with the Board of Trustees and other higher-ups around the USNH community. I would be on it as a student with a different perspective than others on the board. We will travel to different campuses as well to get a better feel for how they run things and continue to unify the USNH system as a whole.

Do you think there could be some conflict of interest with you being specifically titled in a student organization, namely WPCR?

I wouldn’t consider it a conflict of interest, especially since I’m a senior and will be taking more of a backseat for the station operations this semester. We bolstered our E-board and I have confidence in the radio station’s E-Board to continue to run things effectively without much of my help. Being that we receive most of our funding from 60T120 or Student Government allocations, I wouldn’t be playing a part in increasing that. I don’t want to have any influence or favoritism in regard to funding or privileges. Every club should be entitled to fair funding, so if it ever came up I would probably leave the room.

Rosenberg is excited to be representing the community, and lending a hand to get things done both on campus and at the university system level as a whole. Rosenberg has already made his presence known at the first meeting of SGA, where he stressed the importance of blue phone visibility around campus.