Welcome to 91.7 WPCR


Since the late 70s, we have been gracing the airwaves with provocative, insightful programming that doesn't fall victim to the monotonous rhythm of every commercial station. We take pride in our musical diversity and the DJs that work hard to provide you with the best programming possible.


College Radio Turned Up To 11

Top 40? What's that? You want experimental music that pushes boundaries. Well, you've come to the right spot! Sick of all the ads and same songs on the dial? Well, say goodbye, and say hello to commercial-free, non stop FM goodness. 

A Bit About Us...

  • We never play the top 40 or billboard hits

  • We always support local business. 

  • We always encourage listener feedback.

  • We do not advertise for the sake of advertising. All of our ads are educational, informative and hyper-local. 

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Live Stream

Please allow a minimum of 30 seconds for the audio stream to buffer. We recommend turning up the embedded player volume all the way then using your computer audio control to adjust.