At the start of the 2022 fiscal year WPCR received 20,000 dollars in allocations from the PSU Student Government Association (SGA) alongside access to our NHPR partner fund. In total, WPCR had nearly 40,000 USD to work with for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. If you have already read the State of the Station report, it is apparent that WPCR is in need of some serious investments to keep us relevant and reliable in the digital streaming era. 

Here is a quick breakdown of what has been accomplished during the 2022-2023 capital project so far. More work is expected to start over Summer 2023 on the on-air and production studios. Both studios will be gutted and re-wired from the ground up. 

1: Reconfiguration of studio lounge

     a) Remove and replace old furniture 

     b) Installation of a wall info screen (TV)

     c) Carpet repair and new paint for entry corridor 

     d) Installation of new WAP for separate station network traffic

2: Portable Equipment

     a) Purchase of QSC K12.2 PA system with subs for mobile entertaining & events

     b) Purchase of RGB lighting systems and modules for engaging mobile events 

     c) DMX Lighting console 

3: Branding & Imaging

      a) New scalable logo following PSU marketing guidelines for unified image 

      b) New retractable portable banners for event advertising 

      c) Website updates

      d) Focus on social media platforms

4: Critical Infrastructure: 

      a) Install new Nautel VX150 transmitter 

      b) Install new Furman CP-8 power conditioner

      c) Install 8TB NAS music database backup 

      d) Install  intake & Exhaust rack unit coolers

      e) Install new Avaya phone system 

      f)  Install  new phone hybrid Interfaces

      g) Replace PBX wiring and underground  pairs

      h) Install  new On-Air mixing console

      i)  Install  new Production Room mixing console


Studio design, wiring and installation was skillfully done by Technet Systems Group, a division of Steve Vanni Associates.