Drerup Gallery Director Honored with Fulbright Scholarship

March, 2007

Catherine Amidon, director of PSU’s Karl Drerup Art Gallery, has recently received a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. She will leave for Jamaica next January and will teach at the Edna Manley School of Arts and work at the National Gallery of Art in Kingston. Read More

PSU Distinguished Teachers 2007

March, 2007

Every spring, PSU presents awards for excellence in teaching and service to the University community to an undergraduate faculty member, a
graduate faculty member and now, for the first time, an adjunct faculty member. Nominations for these honors come from faculty and staff as
well as students and alumni.
The distinguished teachers for 2007 are Gary Goodnough, professor of counselor education; Chris Chabot, professor of biology; and Jack Barry, adjunct professor of mathematics. Read More

Education Professor Offers Advice on a Silent Crisis

March, 2007

From grade school to college, American educators are seeing a disturbing increase in the number of students battling depression. Marcel LeBrun, PSU assistant professor of education and special education, and a former public school teacher, has recently published a book detailing the proper diagnosis and treatment of student depression. Read More

Democracy in Small Town America

March, 2007

What is the state of democracy at the turn of the 21st century? Seven scholars, including PSU’s Thaddeus Guldbrandsen, director of the Center for Rural Partnerships and research assistant professor of anthropology, lived for a year in five North Carolina communities, attending public meetings of all sorts and conducting informal and formal interviews with residents in an attempt to answer this question. The fruits of their work appear in Local Democracy Under Siege: Activism, Public Interests, and Private Politics, a collaborative ethnography that gives readers insight into how diverse members of a community think about and experience politics beyond merely voting.

The book, published in March by NYU Press, illustrates how the social and economic changes of the last three decades have made some new routes to active democratic participation possible while making others more difficult. It also suggests possible reasons for the current state of U.S. democracy and presents ideas on how to ensure more meaningful participation by a greater range of people.—Barbra Alan

Social Work Professor Named Editor of Professional Journal

March, 2007

Stephen Gorin, longtime PSU social work professor, was recently selected by the National Association of Social Workers to be the new editor-in-chief of the quarterly journal Health & Social Work. Gorin’s tenure as editor began on January 1, 2007 and will continue through December 2010. Gorin had been a contributing editor of the journal. Read More

New Web Sites Launched

March, 2007

Over a year of work by Information Technology Services and the Office of Public Relations culminated over Memorial Day Weekend with the launch of new versions of the University’s main Web site and the myPlymouth portal. The new sites benefit from a rich color palette, user-friendly design and improved customization as well as simplified navigation. Read More

Music with a Message

March, 2007

Where can you hear songs with such titles as “Exercise Common Sense,” “Bully Rap,” and “Safe and Sound All Around”? On the new CD from TIGER (Theatre Integrating Guidance, Education and Responsibility), a collaboration between the Integrated Arts and Counselor Education graduate programs at PSU. The CD features 26 songs—all carrying important messages with a fun, entertaining twist.

From Scholarship Student to Scholarship Supporter

March, 2007

by Bruce Lyndes


Brown as a student at UNH. Photo courtesy of Charles Brown.

As a student at UNH years ago, Charles Brown wasn’t sure if he’d be able to finish his senior year. His grades weren’t the problem; financing his last year of college was.

“In 1958, I started as a student in Durham,” Brown, a longtime professor of computer science at PSU, recalled. “The expenses for the first year were $1,104. This was everything: toothpaste, books, tuition, room, rent, and food. Back then, you could earn enough money in the summer to pay for half a year of college. By working summers, I figured I could get through three years, but senior year was questionable.” Read More

Berlin History on the web and on the Road

March, 2007

by Alice Staples
digesterThe Brown Company Photographic Collection, a collection of 11,000 photographs that chronicle the work and the people of Berlin, New Hampshire’s Brown Paper Company in the early half of the 20th century, has been archived at Plymouth State University for over 20 years. Now, thanks to modern technology and the collaborative efforts of Lamson Library’s Michael J. Spinelli Jr. Center for University Archives & Special Collections, the Karl Drerup Art Gallery, and the Center for Rural Partnerships, the collection is accessible beyond the PSU campus. Read More

Into the Enchanted Garden

March, 2007

An American Master Returns Home

by Nick Mathis

The upcoming exhibition, Enchanted Garden: Enamels by an American Master is a celebration of the art and legacy of artist, craftsman, mentor, and teacher Karl Drerup, that returns his work to the public view. Read More