What I got out of being a Plymouth State Panther

Opportunities to Succeed

 From the start, Plymouth State University and the athletics program have given me an opportunity to succeed. When I transferred in as a first-year my coach’s office was the size of a closet and there was no track, no team, and no staff. The process of building a new program from scratch was underway. I got to be a part of a unique experience by being the first official member of the modern track team here at PSU. With no official captains, I was instantly thrown into a leadership position during my sophomore year. During my junior year, I had the honor to be named one of the original three men’s captains and again during my senior year. With a great indoor track facility, our amazing coaches and training staff, along with my teammates and I, have had the pleasure of enjoying great success. As a team, we have enjoyed a third place conference finish in only our second season, numerous individual conference champions, and a great connection between each other and our coaches. Personally, I have been fortunate to set the school records in the weight throw and javelin, and I hope to extend those and breaking the existing hammer record later this year. The sky is the limit here at PSU, considering that you are nestled in the mountains and especially if you are looking to do track and field, since it is the beginning of what will be an even greater program in the years to come.


The knowledge I have gained in the classroom as an Exercise and Sport Physiology student is obviously something that is extremely valuable and important to ensure my future success. But learning and gaining knowledge outside the classroom is just as important, especially if you love your sport. As an aspiring track and field coach, I have the opportunity to learn from great coaches and build long-lasting relationships with them that will be important and greatly appreciated later in my career. Learning the craft of coaching is not an exact science but with the great coaches here at PSU, regardless of sports, there is a great opportunity to gain the needed skills to be a knowledgeable coach.

The athletic department at PSU has also given me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and learn new things. This year I was asked to be a PA announcer for PSU’s women’s volleyball team and I became the regular announcer for volleyball, women’s soccer, men’s ice hockey, and others. I have been able to break out of my discomfort of public speaking and announce in front of hundreds of people.


By participating in athletics at PSU I have made many friendships and acquaintances that I expect to have for a lifetime. Men and women that I have trained and competed with each of these years have become my roommates and some of my greatest friends along the way. The lifelong friendships you will make with your teammates during your time at PSU will be something you cherish forever. Not only do your teammates become your friends, if you work hard and build trusting relationships with the coaches around you, both for your sport and others, you will walk away knowing more knowledgeable and good-hearted people. PSU Athletics adds to the sense of community of the entire university. PSU athletics drive you to be a better member of your community through leadership, hard work, and Panther Pride. This community lives for Panther athletics and the pride you have as a Panther, and you will feel that if you choose to come to Plymouth State.

Dean Squires Jr. ’18, originally from Derry, NH, is a senior studying Exercise & Sport Physiology in the Health and Human Performance Department here at PSU. He is a captain of the men’s track and field team, a student worker in the Athletic Department including being an announcer for several PSU sports, and an aspiring track and field/strength and conditioning coach. Dean can typically be found at ALLWell North or another athletic facility in his spare time working on his craft.

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  1. My son Dean Squires Jr. has loved and excelled at PSU. He has not only succeeded in maintaining excellent grades but has excelled and enjoyed his athletic experience at PSU. I’m so proud of the man that he has become and am excited to see his future unfold. Because of his excelled experience at PSU I have all the confidence in his future success. Thank you PSU.

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