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Finding Balance: Joe Hudson ’12

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to mentor hundreds of young men and women as a coach. This responsibility often comes with loads of questions regarding academics, athletics, and living life to the fullest. Regardless of the individual, my message is simple… find balance. Balance is key in any adventure life has to offer, whether it’s deciding on the best school to continue your education or deciding to move across the country to pursue your dream job. Finding balance in everything life has to offer will undoubtedly lead to a happy and successful life!

Much of my experience in this concept of finding balance came as a student-athlete at Plymouth State. The first year of college can be a difficult time for many student-athletes as it is typically the first time anyone is exposed to living away from home, responsible for their own schedule, and without the friends, family, and support systems that were created during the first 18 years of life. Fortunately, entering college as a prospective student-athlete offers a seamless transition as your teammates, coaches, and professors become your newest friends, family, and support system. These people provide assistance as you navigate your way through this new chapter in life.

As a student at Plymouth State and a member of the PSU Baseball Team, I was instantly surrounded by great people who helped shape my college experience and allowed me to learn the importance of a quality work ethic, time management, and finding balance. Managing a full academic workload, practice and game schedules, and maintaining a social life may seem like a daunting task, but life as a student-athlete at Plymouth State teaches you how to find the appropriate balance to maximize your college experience.

The values learned and the skills acquired during my time at Plymouth State remain with me as I continue to strive for the perfect balance in my life. I am grateful for the experiences and opportunities Plymouth State had to offer as it has played a significant role in how I approach my career as a sports performance coach and in my life overall.

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  1. Great Job Joe,

    From one Plymouth State Graduate named Joe to another. Keep up the good work and get those boys in great shape for this upcoming season.

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