5 Reasons to Play Baseball at Plymouth State University

  1. Family

No matter who you are, we treat everyone that gets involved with our program the same. Whether you are a student-athlete who doesn’t make our final roster or transfers after one season, we are and always will consider each other family. For us, being one cohesive unit tied together by all of our individual personalities and skills is how we get things done on and off the field. I know that if I ever need anything, anyone involved in our program would step up and help. You certainly cannot find that anywhere else.

  1. Student Before Athlete

We are all in school to learn and progress and prepare for the real world; with that being said, academics come first above athletics. In our fall season, you will see guys arriving late or leaving early in order to attend classes. Coach Jenkins is the best about respecting class schedules and course management as long as you are giving 110% on the field AND in the classroom.

  1. Networking

Not only will you be connected with everyone on the team, but with everyone in the athletics facilities as well. Many of the student-workers in athletics are current student-athletes. For example, I work in the Athletic’s Broadcasting Department. Some of my teammates work other athletic events by serving as a ball boy for soccer games in the fall or a goal judge for hockey in the winter. Connections you make like these will last beyond college.

  1. Upholding Standards

There are many standards that as a team we uphold everywhere we go, including being respectful of everyone and everything you come in contact with. This prepares all of us for life past college when we will have to work with others and respect their ideas and input. Another very important standard is working hard in everything that you do. Whether you are hitting it hard in the weight room, on the field, or in the classroom, do everything with the same mentality: try to be the best and put in the best effort possible, and you will ALWAYS be successful.

  1. Everything In Between

The many highlights of playing Plymouth State Baseball include the annual trip to Florida over spring break, the incredible team gear, the resources available whenever you need them, plans for new buildings and equipment for students and staff, and last but not least, the incredible coaching, training, and departmental staff. You will never meet more down-to-earth people who are all there to help YOU become more successful and prepare you for different scenarios in life.

If you have any questions, don’t ever feel nervous to reach out to me or others from the Plymouth State University Athletics Department. Everyone here hopes to see you in the green and black soon. GO PANTHERS!