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The primary goal of Plymouth Academic Support Services (PASS) is to collaborate with undergraduate students in becoming efficient, independent learners. Our program components of TRIO Student Support Services and Tutoring are designed to engage students in developing effective learning strategies and skills to enable them to enjoy academic success.


Fall 2023 PASS Office Staffing Information

Peer tutors are available for study skills and open lab tutoring in the PASS Office in Speare 209:

  • 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday
  • 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Friday.

The professional staff is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or by appointment.

If you are in need of a tutor please, fill out our Application for Service and our Tutoring Agreement.

TRIO Students

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TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded program designed to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants–students who are first-generation (neither parent graduated with a bachelor’s degree), income-eligible, or have a disability. SSS provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and motivates students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education.


A student is eligible to participate in TRIO Student Support Services if the students meets all of the following requirements:

  1. Is a citizen or national of the United States or meets the residency requirements for Federal student financial assistance.
  2. Is enrolled at the grantee institution or accepted for enrollment in the next academic term at that institution.
  3. Has a need for academic support, as determined by the grantee, in order to pursue successfully a postsecondary educational program.
  4. Is –A low-income individual; A first generation college student; or An individual with disabilities.

(Code of Federal Regulations, Title 34 – Education, 646.3)

TRIO Services

TRIO Student Support Services projects must provide the following services

  • academic tutoring; advice and assistance in postsecondary course selection
  • information on Federal student financial aid programs and benefits and resources for locating scholarships
  • assistance in completing financial aid applications, services to improve financial and economic literacy of students
  • activities to assist participants in applying to graduate and professional programs.

TRIO Student Support Services projects may provide the following services:

  • individualized counseling for personal, career, and academic matters
  • information and activities to acquaint students with career options
  • exposure to cultural events and academic programs not usually available to disadvantaged students
  • mentoring programs
  • other activities designed for students traditionally underrepresented in postsecondary education.
  • extended tutoring hours
  • priority hiring for student employment
  • additional opportunities for one-on-one and small-group engagement with SSS staff

TRIO Scholars

TRIO Scholars at PSU is a community made up of college students from all years and professional staff members. TRIO helps students acclimate to college, develop life skills, create connections, improve academics, and become hardworking participants in society. Our program at PSU is very much like a family, and we are always looking to make our members feel welcome. Our mentors are certified through the College Reading and Learning Association’s International Peer Educator Training Program.



Peer Mentoring

We pair first-year students with experienced, trained returning students so that the first-years always have a resource to help them adjust, learn about PSU, and figure out life as a college student. Mentors meet with their mentees at least once a week to check in and help in any way they can.


Each student is also paired with a professional staff member who serves as their academic advisor. Students meet with their advisors every other week to cover a variety of topics and needs, such as registering for classes, financial aid, paying their bill, and more.


Students may have one-on-one tutoring, group sessions, and study skills support – all of which is free for participants.  In fact, students who participate in TRIO scholars receive extended tutoring hours. TRIO Scholars can be matched with a College Reading and Learning Associated-trained Study Skills tutor to help them create a schedule, set priorities, manage their time, and meet other academic demands.

Financial Aid Assistance

Many students have a hard time navigating their financial aid packages.  Our advisors help TRIO Scholars fill out financial aid applications, locate available scholarships, and understand their financial and economic standing.

Graduate School Assistance

TRIO Scholars supports those who choose to continue their education.  We assist with selecting the right program and institution, the application process, and obtaining financial assistance for enrollment in graduate programs.

Cultural & Academic Activities

Museums, theatrical productions, city tours, sporting events, zip lines, painting classes, hiking, concerts, and ice-skating: these are just a few of the cultural, social, and academic activities our students experience as part of the TRIO Scholars program. 


The PASS Office provides several different kinds of tutoring – one-on-one, small group, drop-in study skills help, and more – and our services are available to all undergraduate students.

Our tutors are current undergraduate students, and our training program is certified through the College Reading and Learning Association’s International Tutor Training Program.

If you are in need of a tutor, please fill out our Application for Service and our Tutoring Agreement.

  • Tutoring is an individual, student-directed mode of learning, provided on an on-demand basis
  • The tutoring program is designed with 1000- and 2000-level courses in mind.
  • Tutoring is not offered for writing.  Writing assistance is available through the Writing Center in Lamson Library.
  • Tutoring is open to all undergraduate students
  • Students may only request a tutor for two classes per semester.
  • All students qualify for one hour of tutoring per course per week. Students who qualify for our TRIO grant may receive additional hours.
  • Tutoring is a service, not an accommodation.
  • Tutoring does not guarantee a passing grade. Students are responsible for their own grades.
  • Peer tutors provide academic support either individually or in small groups.
  • Tutors encourage students to become independent learners by using active study strategies.
  • Tutors work very hard to establish a positive learning environment for their peers.
  • Tutoring is not a quick fix; rather, it is an additional academic commitment

  • Tutors are recruited through faculty recommendations. All tutors must have at least one faculty recommendation to be considered for hire.
  • Tutors need to have a GPA of at least 3.0, and this must be maintained for every semester that a tutor works for The PASS Office.
  • Tutors need to have earned an A or an A- in the course(s) for which they want to tutor.
  • Drop by the PASS Office and talk to a tutor to find out more about our tutoring program. There is no better way to learn about tutoring.
  • Fill out the Tutor Application and the Application for Services, and return them to the PASS Office.
  • Include a non-official copy of your PSU transcript with your application

If you experience academic difficulties, you are strongly encouraged to drop in to work with a study skills tutor who can help you refine and develop appropriate study techniques.

Study Skills Development covers such areas as:

  • note-taking
  • organization
  • time management
  • effective textbook reading
  • test preparation
  • assignment and syllabus interpretation review
  • prioritizing assignments
  • goal-setting

Stop by the PASS Office in Speare to work with a Study Skills tutor, or email the Tutor Coordinator ( to learn more.

Staff and Contact Information

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Staff and Contact Information

In an effort to continue connecting with you, the professional staff will be available by appointment for both in person and virtual meetings. Please email the professional staff to schedule an appointment.

Phone: 603-535-2270 | Fax: 603-535-2277

Our Staff

Patti May
Director of Academic Support Services
Phone: (603) 535-2427

Angela Ricciardi
Tutor Coordinator
Phone: (603) 535-2469

Domenica Medaglia-Brown
Educational Coordinator
Phone: (603) 535-2408

John Silk
Educational Coordinator
Phone: (603) 535-2453

Kara Russell
Operations Manager
Phone: (603) 535-2270