Student Success

Definition of Student Success

At Plymouth State University, we strive through our Integrated Cluster learning model to prepare students to accomplish their academic, personal, and professional goals and to be career and life ready. Through their studies and experiences at Plymouth State, students develop and apply Habits of Mind that are critical to their success—purposeful communication, problem-solving skills, an integrated perspective, and self-regulated learning. Not only do students achieve competence in their field of study, they build the skills to collaborate across disciplines to tackle challenging problems and have a positive impact on the wider community.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

During their time at PSU (and beyond), students demonstrate:

  1. Purposeful Communication
    Purposeful and effective communication increases knowledge, fosters understanding, and/or promotes change in others’ attitudes, values, beliefs, or behaviors. It engages the perspectives of others and fosters dialogue among individuals and the community.
  2. Integrated Perspective
    An integrated perspective recognizes that individual decisions impact the self, the community, and the environment. Students acknowledge the limitations of singular points of view and recognize the benefits of engaging with and learning from others in order to integrate multiple perspectives for effective communication, problem-solving, and collaboration.
  3. Problem-Solving Skills
    Engaging in problem solving requires the ability to think creatively, adapt and extend one’s thinking, acknowledge different contexts and incorporate different perspectives, embrace flexibility, consider potential implications, determine courses of action, persist and adapt despite failure, and reflect on the results.
  4. Self-Regulated Learning
    Self-regulated learning encompasses the desire to learn, the ability to set personal goals for learning, and the capacity to engage in a self-monitored learning process. Self-regulated learners demonstrate metacognitive awareness (an understanding of the factors that influence their own learning) and cultivate the skills and confidence they need in order to be effective learners.
  5. Competence in their Field of Study
    Students develop, strengthen, and apply the knowledge and skills needed to be effective in their chosen field of study. They are successful in meeting the Student Learning Outcomes identified in their academic program.
  6. A Positive Impact on the Wider Community
    Student actively participate and collaborate in projects and activities in service to the university, the community, and/or the wider world, in keeping with the PSU motto of Ut Prosim.

PSU Retention and Graduation Rates

Graduation trends chart
Retention rates chart

At PSU, we understand the importance of transparency and accountability in higher education, which is why we provide easy access to charts and graphs that showcase our students' academic journey. By clicking on the following link, you'll gain valuable insights into the graduation and retention rates at Plymouth State University. These visuals will help you understand our commitment to student success and the progress we are making towards our educational goals.