Image by Jacob Downey

Ask Cass: Dating drug dealers, Buffalo Wild Wings, and living in Langdon Woods

Cassidy Kenney 




What is the best dorm to live in as an upperclassman?

If you’re lucky enough to get off campus as an upperclassman, definitely try and aim for that. If not I would recommend the Langdon suites. 

You share this suite with 3 other roommates but you do get a shower and bathroom all to yourselves. I found that having my own room but sharing the space with my 3 best friends helped me a lot. It kept me social and motivated me to get out more and find things to do throughout the day. 

Living in the apartments is great because I got lucky to share this space with amazing girls but it does get hard finding alone time when there are multiple people always around. By this point, as an upperclassman, you start to get the idea of who you can or cannot live with. 

Definitely try to aim for the people you know you can live with because it will result in a great year for you and the ones close to you. 

My best friend keeps serial dating drug dealers. How do I get her to stop?

Definitely talk to her about her choices of partners. Dating a drug dealer is not the best idea at all so it shouldn’t be that hard to find reasons why she shouldn’t. Try and go out with her and show her guys that have different career choices that won’t get them arrested. 

Let her know that you have her best interest at heart but she also needs to see the repercussions of dating someone like that. Just be honest and straightforward but also show her you love her and want what’s best for her.

I want good wings but have no idea where to get them besides Buffalo Wild Wings in Concord. Where can I get decent food in Plym?

Plymouth honestly has pretty good food. There are a couple spots my friends and I go to a bunch that isn’t too far away. Staying in Plymouth I would definitely recommend Common Man Roadside. There’s a vast variety of things you can get from pizza to sandwiches and great salads. If you like sushi I Peek-A-Bowl is super yummy. Moving a little further from Plym one of the best breakfast shops I have been to around here is Mad River Coffee in Campton. It’s not too expensive and they have great coffee there as well. My friends and I found a lot of spots from just looking them up and reading the reviews. If you have the time and the funds try a couple out around here and see how you feel. 

All of the rain recently is really not fun. How do I avoid falling into another seasonal depressive episode until the sun comes out?

Thankfully since we’re gearing towards the end of the school year the weather is starting to look up and get warmer. It isn’t hard to fall back into seasonal depression especially when the weather gets gloomy and rainy. The best way to keep yourself from getting to that place is to keep the mentality that it will probably be in the 50s and sunny in a few days. Take those rainy days to watch your favorite movie or get caught up on work. Shifting your mentality to more positive will help you through it. Looking at those days as catch-up and self-care days will prevent you from getting to that point again.