Samantha Latos
My name is Samantha and I have been involved with The Clock for all my four years here at PSU. I began in the fall of 2016 as a campus news writer. My first assignment was to attend Molly Ringwald’s speech in the Hartman Union Building about the importance of young people voting during the upcoming presidential election. The News Editor at the time had just heard Ringwald was coming hours before and so the whole thing was very unexpected and I was honored to cover it. I met Ringwald after her speech and I got a picture with her. I called my dad on my walk back to my dorm room and said, “I just met Molly Ringwald! I love journalism!” That’s the moment I can pinpoint my career goal of working in journalism.

I am an English major with a concentration in writing and I am going for a Communication minor. In my time here I have seen ‘The Clock’ grow so much; I have attended the ACP National College Media Convention twice, once as Assistant News Editor and once as Editor In Chief, I opened up a new section for creative writing, I changed the rules of formatting in our printed newspapers and I just recently worked with our Production Manager, Noah, to enhance the design and presentation of our papers to increase readership and make an eye-catching as well as an informative product. If you are interested in getting a story published, if you are looking to write for us, or if you have any questions or comments for ‘The Clock,’ email me at!
Production Manager
Noah Young
My name is Noah and I am a graphic design major. I come from New Hampshire. I put my heart, soul (and lots of coffee) into making ‘The Clock’ look as good as I can make it each print. I’m having a grand time exploring different facets of design, ‘The Clock’ being one of the most enjoyable of them. If you have a design problem yourself or (constructive) grievances about how ‘The Clock’ looks, you can reach me at
Photo Editor
Samantha Knapton
Hey! My name is Sam Knapton and I am a senior and a Communication and Media Studies major. I have been with ‘The Clock’ for two semesters and I have had great experiences since joining! Outside of ‘The Clock,’ I am a Community Advisor in Mary Lyon Hall, the Lead Community Advisor for FYRE, and the President of the Communication and Media Studies Honor Society. Please feel free to email me at
Managing Editor
Mason Masotta
Hi I’m Mason, I’m an English Major with a minor in Communication. I’ve been writing with ‘The Clock’ for three years and this semester I went from A&E Editor to Managing Editor. I write primarily for A&E as well as Plymouth Voices. I started the Plymouth Playlist, an A&E series, with Nicholas in 2018. I enjoy writing fiction and complaining about plot holes in movies. Contact me at
Features Editor
Jared Gendron
Hello, I am Jared Gendron, and I am Features Editor at ‘The Clock.’ I am a senior and an English major. I started as Features Editor this semester, but I’ve wanted to get involved with the paper since my freshman year. I began to periodically submit articles to ‘The Clock’ in my sophomore year. In this time, I grew attached to the Features section because it encourages writers to interact with their various communities and learn about unique events. Beyond ‘The Clock,’ I am the president of the Student Support Foundation. I also work in the Career Development Department as a career peer adviser. You can reach me by my school email at
Sports Editor
Ken Nguyen
My name is Khue Nguyen, but I usually go by Ken here. I’m currently in my senior year as a Communication and Media Studies major, with a minor in Business Administration and Marketing. I joined ‘The Clock’ last semester and began my position as Sports Editor this semester. Aside from my position at ‘The Clock,’ I’m also working as a Student Outreach Specialist for the Admissions Office, and as the student vice-president of Lambda Pi Eta, the official Communication Studies honor society of the National Communication Association at PSU. If you’re interested in writing for the Sports section, email me at
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Nicholas A. Prescott
My name is Nick, I’m an English major with a writing concentration and an Anthropology/Sociology minor, and I’m the Arts and Entertainment editor at ‘The Clock.’ Obviously, I love all things entertainment and pop-culture. I love the performing arts and am in both PlymProv, PSU’s only improv comedy troupe, as well as Vocal Order, PSU’s all-male acapella group. I have a robust collection of “dad” mugs, I love funky socks, and my favorite book is “Halo: Contact Harvest.” For writing inquiries, contact me at
News Editor
Justine Walsh
My name is Justine Walsh, and I am the News Editor for ‘The Clock.’ I joined ‘The Clock’ last semester. My favorite events that I have covered are Bernie Sanders’ visit to campus, the flooding of the Pemigewasset River, and the ACDA Competition. I have always enjoyed reading and writing, which makes being News Editor a perfect fit for me. ‘The Clock’ is very important to me and I couldn’t be happier that I joined. If you’re interested in writing for the News section, or if you have an event for my section to cover, email me at
Media Manager
Grace Dawson
Hi, I’m Grace! I’m a Professional Communication major and the Media Manager for ‘The Clock.’ I like baked goods, using too many exclamation points, nit-picking people’s grammar, and most animals – seriously, I challenge anyone reading this to find an animal I don’t like. I came across ‘The Clock’ after I transferred from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and jumped on board as quickly as I could! I’m lucky enough to call the rest of the staff my friends; naturally, that means my advice to anyone considering joining the paper is to (Shia LeBeouf voice) just do it! Not only is it a way to connect with other students with a similar love for writing – I promise we have fun at editing nights – but it’s also a great way to get writing experience, whatever your major or area of study. Contact me at