Dune: Movie Review

Devon Mello
Media Manager

In the past couple of years, movie lovers have been left stranded with zero promise of another great sci-fi film releasing. When we think of the genre, the renowned films we recollect include: one of Christopher Nolan’s creations: Inception (2010), or Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey. And I cannot begin to fathom how perfectly knit Space Odyssey is, and I believe that it could never disappoint. Today, Dune finally fit the bill. It was what we, as sci-fi fantasists, were searching for.

Dune was out to wow us, and sometimes succeeds, but it also aims to project a sense of hypnotic instability when getting under your skin. While being visually captivating, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen. However, I will mention this: Dune is a cinematic remake from its sister film adapted back from 1984. And I firmly believe that director Denis Villeneuve achieved this masterpiece and rebranded its story into something so great and magical. I mean, the advanced CGI we are gifted with in today’s Hollywood is truly remarkable.

Now, let’s unravel my perspective. I understand that a film like this can’t please and gratify everyone, but allow me to be clear in one honest sentence: this will change the way you see movies. Dune is superb at juxtaposing an entanglement with dark mystery and intimate danger. I thoroughly admired the hearts of every actor as they communicated the story so beautifully (props to Timmy – my guy, and Zendaya). One thing, though, that I was disappointed in was the limited amount of screen time that Zendaya actually got: a good seven minutes to be exact. Granted, this is only part one of this odyssey, but I thought she would receive more based on all of her Hollywood praise. And in my research, it is rumored she will be playing a much larger role in the following film.

Dune, like many other phenomenal films franchises, will have a part two. I mean, it deserves like five movies. It is also rumored that they will not be starting production until late 2022, but it’s promising that the film will not disappoint. I hope you take my word for it that this film is worth the watch, every minute of it. And plus, who doesn’t want to watch Timothee Chalamet on the big screen? Make sure to stream Dune on HBO MAX with your premium subscription or go now to the nearest movie theater.