WellTrack App PSU

Kathryn Peterson
For ‘The Clock’

At the start of the new academic year, the PSU Counseling Center partnered with the WellTrack app, an interactive self-help therapy software. This is now available to all PSU students for no charge. As a mental health resource, WellTrack can help you understand your mental health and get the assistance you need right away. Using elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, WellTrack’s tools and courses help you discover, understand, and solve problems that you may be experiencing. 

You may use a variety of self-help treatment resources in WellTrack, such as courses and films on mental health issues, a Zen room with a thought journal, information on cognitive distortion, fun achievements, a calendar for activities, a mood check, and wellness assessments. 

Health and Wellness, Safety and Security, Community Involvement/Making Connections, Career Support and Academic Support are all addressed in the WellTrack app via helpful referrals to PSU campus services and community resources. 

WellTrack can help you get better and maintain your mental health in five easy steps: wellness assessment, self- help therapy, Welltrack tools, progress tracking, and maintaining. Through the carefully articulated application, the wellness assessment aims to help you better understand and track your levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Awareness of how your mental health changes over time will support your journey through mental health. 

All WellTrack courses are based in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which will help you tackle the most common mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression. WellTracks interactive, self-help tools use elements of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness. From passive engagement to high intensity, there is something for everyone. 

WellTrack app offers: 

Zen Room: Practice guided and self-relaxation in our customized relaxation room. 

Mood Check: Track your mood and understand how the things you do throughout the day affect the way you feel. 

Activity Scheduler: While using WellTrack, you are encouraged to schedule pleasurable, social and achievement activities.  

Fun and Achievement Tracker: After you’ve completed scheduled activities, use this tool to understand how certain activities can boost or decrease your feelings of happiness, fun, and achievement. 

Calendar: View your scheduled activities and remote client video sessions (if using WellTrack with a provider/clinician) 

Cognitive Distortions Quiz: In the WellTrack self-help therapy courses, you are introduced to seven different types of unhelpful thinking styles. Use this quiz to help you understand each one. 

Thought Diary: Use this tool to help you identify real-life situations where you were using unhelpful thinking styles, and learn how to adapt your thinking in these types of situations. 

Mood Indicator: Mood Indicator identifies regularities and patterns in your behavior. Get feedback related to how you spend your time, and how it makes you feel. 

Wellness Assessment: By regularly completing a Wellness Assessment, track how your levels of stress, anxiety and depression are changing as you use WellTrack. 

By maintining regular assessments, practicing relaxation and tracking your moods, this will go a long way to helping you maintain tip-top mental health. 

PSU student Kaitlin Turmel (Senior) experimented with the WellTrack app for two weeks to give honest feedback 

“Although I haven’t been using it for very long, I really like the thought diary tools as it makes it easier to write down my day to day problems. Another  tool I like is the cognitive distortions quiz as it helps me identify unhelpful thinking styles that I use. I think this is something that I will use long-term to manage my mental health.” 

To get free access to the WellTrack app, students just need to download the app and register with their email address.