Homecoming tailgate returns to Plymouth

Logan ‘Mustache’ Winny


Staff Writer


Once a year, the field next to the football stadium turns into a high-energy rendezvous of people with one thing in common: a love of Plymouth State University. After returning from a long hiatus in 2015, the PSU homecoming tailgate encompasses almost 300 cars. Although the projected purpose for the tailgate is to congregate before the game, it has evolved into a celebration of Panther pride from all graduating classes.  

This year games, tents, and beer extended as far as someone’s slightly blurry vision could see. The smell of grill smoke leads to a fairground with one alumnus reminiscing “. . . reconnecting back to the best four years of my life” stated by Sheila Amero ‘90. Alumni aren’t the only ones who enjoy the festivities; Holly Temple ‘24 reflects: “I like getting together with students and hanging out with my friends and family and watching football . . .” “We’ll be back!” stated a couple of anonymous seniors who also mentioned that “. . . meeting people’s parents is so fun” and “bunch of panthers getting together . . . supporting families coming back.” These points are certainly worth adding to the list of reasons why this tailgate is much more than a simple pregame for football. Parents of current students also joined in on the fun this year. One of them described the experience as “a day to spend with our son, it’s a fun day to spend with him.” and even mentioned it being an annual tradition for their household.

The tailgate has evolved into an event for current students, alumni, and football fans alike to immerse themselves in the Panther culture.  Although the football team didn’t win, the fans sure did.