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How to make your life better

Luke Young

Managing Editor



Are you unsatisfied with how your life has been going recently? Maybe the hobbies or routines you used to rely on to entertain yourself aren’t interesting to you anymore. I would like to offer you some tips to ‘spice up’ your life, and possibly bring a bit more color into your world.

My first tip is to experiment on yourself and make small changes that affect your everyday life in some small way. In the past, I’ve forced myself to be a vegetarian for six months, dyed my hair black, worn fake glasses, and quit using elevators for a year. Do any of these things make much of a difference in the long run? No. Does it make life more interesting? Of course. You have to give a little more thought to your actions now. Are you going to haul all your groceries up four flights of stairs at once or are you going to take a few trips? With this change comes new opportunities to grow and learn about yourself as a person.

My second tip for living a more interesting life is to talk to strangers. I know this is contrary to what most good parents say, but hear me out. As someone who suffers from debilitating social anxiety, this isn’t an easy task. My main worry was that I was going to bother people with my desire for communication. This semester specifically I have begun talking to people in classes with me, people in my dorm, and other folks around Plymouth. Most of these people haven’t become close friends of mine, but it’s nice to know somebody in class or at a desk in the HUB when push comes to shove. The people I’ve talked to have demonstrated to me that looks can be deceiving and people don’t mind being disturbed when they’re just sitting down or scrolling on their phone to have a quick chat. If this seems too daunting for you, look for a scruffy blond kid with a black backpack and an abnormally sized blue carabiner and he’ll talk to you.

My third and final tip for instilling your time with riveting activities is to join a club on campus. There are 95+ clubs on campus, so the odds of none being to your liking are slim to none. In such a situation, starting your own club is as easy as setting up a meeting with Student Life and finding some people with a common interest. Clubs are an easy way to make fast friends because you already have something in common (the club) and have to spend time together anyway (the meetings). The Clock in particular is a great club for this because it is entry-level journalism and the people who run it are incredibly nice and hot. On the way to write this article I was asked to go on a double date, so take that as proof of The Clock boosting your hotness.

Making your life better isn’t an easy process in theory, but through slight modifications in your behavior, you can achieve a happier frame of mind. If this is something you’re really struggling with, I cannot recommend the Counseling Center enough. Their phone number is (603) 535-2461, or you could call 988 if you are in crisis. Go forth and prosper my friends, and I wish you all a grand future.