Image by Lil Skies

“Out Ur Body Music” is generic and unimpressive. Spring Fling is doomed

Ophelia Meagher


Staff Writer


After much anticipation, Student Life has announced that the big name artist for Spring Fling will be the rapper Lil’ Skies. In preparation , I listened to his most recent album, “Out Ur Body Music,” which was released on March 28th of this year. After listening to the album, I can’t say that I’m impressed.

The album features eight songs, with many of them blending together and not standing out among one another. It’s an incredibly repetitive album, remaining on the same level throughout each track. This problem occurs through many albums in the trap genre, and here it is no different. The lyrical delivery doesn’t help either, with most of the bars being delivered with mumbles. It adds nothing to the album and makes it even more of a slog to get through than it already was. It is a painfully generic album, and a pain to listen to.

“Out Ur Body Music” is Lil Skies’ third album, and there are little to no signs of improvement when compared to his first album. There is nothing distinctive with any of his albums, and it’s hard to find anything positive to talk about. I feel disappointed after all of the buildup and anticipation for the announcement. It’s been weeks in the making, and all we get is a mediocre artist that doesn’t stand out, even among the trap genre. I only became more disappointed the more that I listened, and I can’t say that I’m excited for Spring Fling after listening to “Out Ur Body Music.” 

The album is repetitive, generic, and dull, and not what Plymouth State students deserve from a Spring Fling performance.