Plymouth Transitions to Fully Remote Learning

By: Stephanie Leger, For The Clock

On Tuesday, February 16, Plymouth State students and staff received an urgent email from Marlin Collingwood regarding the transition to remote courses. According to the email, all courses previously held in-person are required to move online starting Wednesday, February 17. Since returning to campus, Plymouth State has noticed a significant increase in positive COVID-19 test results. Along with courses being moved to remote, all athletic competitions and practices have been cancelled, on-campus dining has become takeout only and all on-campus buildings will remain closed until further notice. Students were encouraged to “go outside to socialize”, and those who are living in residence halls have been instructed to stay on their prospective floors and in their prospective dorms.

In his email, Collingwood stated that t​he college’s COVID-19 Team has been in touch with the State of New Hampshire Department of Health and will be constantly monitoring the situation. D​aily updates will be provided by 5:00 pm beginning Wednesday, February 17.

Although Collingwood’s email outlined all of the new restrictions on campus, there was no indication of how long these restrictions would be in place. For the majority of on-campus students, additional services (such as Lamson Library, the dining hall, etc.) are included in their tuition bill. If these restrictions end up being long-term, and these services that students pay for are no longer provided, it will be interesting to see how, and if students, will be refunded.