Plymouth Voices: Professor Aubrey Taoka

John LaPierre


Staff Writer


Aubrey Taoka is one of the very few female business professors here on campus. She primarily teaches upper-level classes such as Digital Information Technology and Career Development in which all four grade levels are scattered among her classes. This means that she gets to help her students before they go into the real world looking for jobs. To summarize this article,  Taoka describes her love and passion for teaching along with how students can perform and excel in her classes to prepare them for the job world.  

How does one do well in your class?

To do well in my class students need to show up and be present in discussions and activities. I also do not accept late work so it is important to keep up on assignment due dates. I also have a policy that if you answer some questions and participate you get some bonus points.

What can someone expect from your class?

My students, every time they step into my classroom, can expect to learn in a comfortable and fun environment. I limit lectures and do a lot of discussion/lab and workshop-type activities.

What do you think every student should experience in college?

Students are already here for an education so I would recommend things like having so much fun that you never want to leave, making as many close lifetime friends as you can, and finding your voice and place in the world. When you get older you’ll have epic memories to look back on. Getting involved with any clubs, or sports here on campus will help you be more involved with campus and will keep your schedule busy.

What do you teach now/what will you teach next semester?

I have the same schedule this semester as I will next semester. Two sections of Digital Information Technology and Career Development. I love only teaching a couple of classes because it’s less stressful.

How long have you been teaching?

I started teaching at Plymouth State in the Spring of 2014 so for about nine years now. I’ve had other jobs prior to her teaching career, but no other teaching experience as I was an alumni from Plymouth State as well.

Would you only teach business classes or branch out?

I do love teaching business students, but I would always be willing to branch out.

Out of all the classes you teach, or have taught, which one is your favorite?

In the past, my favorite class to teach was Professional Employment but unfortunately, Plymouth State doesn’t offer that course anymore. Currently, my favorite class that I teach is Career Development. 

Next semester Taoka will be teaching Digital Information Technology and Career Development in Hyde Hall. She can be usually found in her office in Hyde 334B when she is not teaching or for office hours if you ever have a question from class or if you just want to talk to her, she is very open and will listen to you if you have a problem with anything.