Photo of Devonte Gilmore

Photo provided by Devonte Gilmore

PSU’s ‘24 president is Devo-ted to the student body

Jacob Downey




At Plymouth State, we excel at complaining. Some complaints are real, material, and justifiable, others less so. While it has been easy in recent years to post our complaints to Yik-Yak and hope Marlin Collingwood would give it a read. His departure leaves a void we as students need to step up and fill. The primary engine of student advocacy on campus can be found in PSU’s Student Government Association.

Our SGA is not unlike that of other institutions, aside from individual members’ occasionally doubling up on responsibilities. One person can hold a representative and officer position in SGA, a move likely made out of necessity considering the number of single-name ballots. By “…providing fair representation of the Student Body, promoting social responsibility, caring for the surrounding community, and enhancing individual intellect.” SGA is meant to serve as the direct representation for the student body to faculty and administration, a position that comes with an immense amount of responsibility and privilege.  This year, the President of The Class of ‘24 and Student Body President titles are both held by Devonte Gilmore. 

You could, at one point, find Gilmore working behind just about any desk on campus. Reaching out via e-mail will prompt you with a list of titles ranging from ET&S Technical Support to Lambda Pi Eta Treasurer. A man of many hats, a powdered wig of some sort may also be appropriate given his presidency. Gilmore’s responsibilities in SGA include representing the PSU student body at large while also serving on PSU’s student voting body as the representative for the senior class. Having served in student government since the sixth grade, going into his next and final term, Gilmore’s goals are to create more intentional outreach, increase transparency between faculty and students, and expand on the material conditions of campus.

PSU lacks amenities. The food, dorms, and rural location can leave a lot to be desired when skiing or hiking are out of season. Giving students something to do off Russell Street is something Gilmore will be continuing to prioritize going into this year, stating, “I think that the balance between people being college-aged adults, and the amenities that we’re able to provide matching is [an] issue. Finding more things in the greater area that we could possibly partner with would be really awesome”. One such area of improvement Gilmore has identified is overhauling the HUB Gym, remarking that “…It’s also discouraging, you know, you’ve been working up the courage for months to go back to the gym, and finally, Today’s a day and you go and it’s packed and you’re waiting in line, and you lose that motivation.” If the amount of “I’m lonely” posts on YikYak are anything to go by, Gilmore’s efforts to create more opportunities for students to leave their dorms would not go unappreciated and contribute greatly toward fostering additional school spirit, something Gilmore feels we are in desperate need of. While gym expansions are not necessarily a project one can accomplish in a year, as a long term goal it shows Gilmore is a person with meaningful ideas.

A more managable project Gilmore has expressed interest in pursuing is “… to get all of the orange lights [used around the Center Lodge] switched over to the fluorescent bright lights used on the rest of campus” According to a study by the University of Granda, brighter street lights make people feel safer. If you have ever walked through the White Mountain Apartments at night, the path between Center Lodge toward Langdon Woods is pitch black, causing no shortage of night skating accidents for one Clock writer in particular. While better lighting on one of campus’s longer walks may seem a small change, it is these quality-of-life improvements that would make PSU a more comfortable campus.

It is important for students to keep in mind that Gilmore is not the king of PSU. He does not make decisions for the school. He does not have the final say. He is, however, the student voice in the room where decisions are made. His position is meant to be as an advocate for the student’s interest. So when you have a complaint, a critique, an idea for something that needs to be changed: meet with your friends, flesh it out, and get it on Gilmore’s proverbial desk so he can make those conversations with PSU happen. 

Advocacy only works if we are first willing to advocate for ourselves. The only way to hold our elected officials accountable is if first we are first able to communicate our needs.

This week the E-Board Parliamentarian, USSB Representative, Class of ’26 Treasurer, Class of ’24 Secretary, Graduate Representative, and all Class of ’27 Council positions. Per Director of Community Impact & Student Life, Jessica Dutille:

“The ballot will be open until Friday (9/8) at 3pm, and afterwards votes will be tabulated. Winners will be announced by Saturday (9/9) afternoon. Ballot Link: you did not run for a seat and are interested in getting involved, contact Will Loughlin, Jess Dutille, and the PSU Student Life Office about open positions at, or reach out on Instagram @plymouthstatesga