Photo by Logan Winny

Quincy Bog Natural Area is Rumney’s best-kept secret

Logan “Mustache” Winny


Staff Writer


Mountains and forests make up much of what northern New Hampshire is known for, but there is another side that should not be ignored. Quincy Bog is a privately owned nature center, free to the public, open dawn to dusk, and it definitely deserves some recognition. A bog is a section of marshland that is too soft for people to walk on, so they built bridges. 5 miles and a quick 14-minute drive from the Lamson Library, this location is easy to get to and well worth the effort. Quincy Bog is a perfect homage to the side of NH that is much forgotten. The experience leads explorers deeper into the trance of nature. 

This hybrid woods-bridge “hike” extends for 1.24 miles with a whopping 49ft elevation gain. I wouldn’t consider this a hike, it’s more of a saunter, making it doable for all hikers and tree huggers looking to spend some time outside. Most of the trail is made up of two-and-a-half-foot-wide, wooden boardwalks with wetlands extending out on both sides. Walking on water in one of the most beautiful local outdoor areas is a surreal experience, to say the least. 

The bog provides a quiet and calm atmosphere and due to the inability to walk side-by-side with someone, it’s a great place to adventure by yourself or with a furry friend. Echo did enjoy this journey, although there wasn’t much for her to explore on the walkways. She was able to find a couple of spots to get in the water, run around, and do other dog things. 

The few sections of woods are a bit rocky, but dense and peaceful. The trail is broken up by lookout areas with benches that provide a view out over the water; the perfect place to take some time for yourself, observe, and say “hello” to the local inhabitants. This particular kettlehole is home to many fascinating species including ducks, frogs, fish, salamanders, great blue herons, and even a beaver (yes, there is a lodge). I was introduced to this location not too long ago and was amazed. My only disappointment is that I have been missing out on it since I moved into the area. 

The Quincy Bog Natural Area is a good place to spend some time outside, look at some labeled trees and plants, check out some turtles, and enjoy some peace. I highly recommend checking it out.