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STAY CHEAP: 5 things to do in Boston on a budget

Kay Bailey


Publication Editor


I have always been a big believer in buying cheap. I grew up in consignment shops and yard sales, following my mom as she showed me her little purple folder of clipped coupons at the grocery store. Buying things at full price is boring, expensive, and often unnecessary. Why spend the extra money when you could get something for so, so much less? This summer and winter break, I have been a frequent visitor to the Boston area, and there are some surprisingly good deals for college students. Plym babes looking for cheap trips, these are for you. Mwah <3

1. Amtrak and Concord Coach bus tickets.

Gas is expensive, and trying to navigate your way through the busy streets of Boston will give anyone a mild migraine. An alternative for getting into the city is public transit, something wildly underappreciated by most. There is a bus that leaves from much of New Hampshire, but Plymouth specifically, and goes straight to South Station in Boston. Round-trip fares are reduced by $5 with your school ID, just so long as it’s not a same-day trip. 

Amtrak tickets- with a train running all the from Brunswick, Maine to Boston, Massachusetts- have reduced rates for college students as well. The Amtrak is not just specific to New England but stretches throughout most of the East Coast. Tickets are 15% off on any trip so long as you’re between 17 and 24, so travel now, while it’s cheap!

2. Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Who doesn’t love free art? Art should be free in the first place, but that’s beside the point.

With Plym IDs, we get into this super cool museum for free. There is a lot of varying art to see in this building, from American Impressionism to Greek and Roman sculptures. Along with the walls of famous paintings, there are several historical exhibits reflective of some campus courses, including an arts of Islamic cultures exhibit and a number of statements commenting on the effect of British Colonialism in relation to art museums as an institution. 

Check out their website for featured exhibits and upcoming shows, it’s a trip well worth it for just about any major at Plym.

3. New England Aquarium in Boston

Someone once told me, “Every woman just wants to be taken to the aquarium to look at the fishes.” As a woman, lemme tell you this could not be more true. 

Not only do they have some cool fish there, but they also have turtles, seals, and penguins. While the aquarium doesn’t have student-specific discounts, they do have some that might just apply to Plym students. If you’re an AAA member, you can get 2 dollars off your ticket when buying in person. However, if you’re a Mass resident, you are eligible for a Boston Public Library card. Not only can you get 4 free passes to the aquarium upon reservation with a card, but there are a dozen other museums and exhibits you can get free access to with a BPL card. Libraries are seriously underutilized, so take advantage of these opportunities and maybe read a book while you’re there.

4. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The big Boston MFA is cool and all, but this small specially curated museum is gorgeous, having a rich history of collecting private collections and inviting artists to create within the space. Students receive a discount of $13 tickets, however, if you have a Pease Public Library card, the local library in Plymouth, tickets are just $5 for up to 4 people. This is another great example of how great public libraries are! Take advantage of this while you can, Pease Public Library cards are only good for Plym students during the school year, so check out what other museums and sites all over New Hampshire this card gives you access to.

5. Boston Public Market

If you’re out in Boston saving all this money and looking for a locally sourced bite, this is the place for you. The Boston Public Market houses over 30 New England-based artists, from food to mead they have a ton of fresh options to choose from. Eating sustainably and locally is not an easy task, but this spot brings all of that together in a super accessible way, just for you! Check it out!

Finding good deals like these is an art, not a science. With that said, go out and find some ways to save money for yourself! Take a walk around the city, take the T, go to the Commons, find a cool food truck, literally anything you do, you can find a way to save money. Stay cool, stay cheap.