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T. Swift Tops Charts as Most-Streamed Artist of 2023

Frankie Colao-Pineyro




Taylor Swift was just named Spotify’s most-streamed artist of the year. On Nov. 1, Spotify released its 2023 wrapped lists in which they revealed Swift has raked more than 26.1 billion streams since Jan. 1, successfully dethroning Puerto Rican reggaetón artist Bad Bunny, who held the title for three consecutive years.

Swift responded on Instagram, thanking those who listened to her music this year, saying,  “Getting named Spotify’s Global Top Artist in 2023 is truly the best birthday/holiday gift you could’ve given me.” To express her gratitude, Swift has put her single “You’re Losing Me (From The Vault)” on streaming. Originally, the song could only be purchased on an exclusive CD of “Midnights” sold at her MetLife shows in New Jersey, and was then later sold solely at Target. However, many Swifties (myself included), found other methods of streaming the song before it was released. Some fans even took to TikTok to joke, “Never ask a Swiftie how they know all the words to a song that wasn’t available to stream until today.”

To celebrate, Spotify decided to bejewel Swift’s tracks, making the progress bar match the song’s Era’s color, and turning the progress button into a sparkle. Top streamers of the artist also received a card they could share and a thank-you message from Swift herself.

Rival streaming platform, Apple Music also declared Swift artist of the year on Nov. 8 and crowned her the most-streamed female artist in Apple Music history.