The Panther Prowl: A New Homecoming Event for the Student Community

Luke Harding
For the Clock

In the midst of social distancing, masks, and quarantines, it has become a great challenge to unify; to come together as a student body in solidarity. The new Panther Prowl is an event presented by Professor Hutchins’s Event Marketing class partnered with the Faculty Fundraising Committee. This event, which will take place before the homecoming game, is geared toward students, alumni, and faculty. The goal: to establish a new tradition by recreating the excitement of commencement walk and reconnect the school community by taking part in a communal walk through campus. “Everyone can walk together,” says Professor Hutchins, “it’s really just bringing in everyone and being able to reach out and see people who maybe we haven’t been able to really see in the last year and a half or so.” As a strong communal effort, the Panther Prowl aims to give back to this community. The event looks to fundraise for student scholarships and it will have a PSU Food Pantry donation service as well. Hutchins speaks about the partnership between the event and the PSU Food Pantry. She says that the event and the food pantry “brings awareness to the issue and lets people know that, even at Plymouth State University, we need our food pantry.” While donations are not required for the event, the Panther Prowl provides the opportunity to renew what was lost by providing needed resources such as financial support through scholarships and food items through the PSU Food Pantry. There are a number of reasons to attend the newly instated Panther Prowl, whether it be a chance to see familiar faces, the ability to build and nurture the bond of the Plymouth State University community, or give back to students by providing donations and support. The Panther Prowl is a new tradition that all members of the university community can find a home in, whether it be alumni, students, faculty, parents, or any others. The Panther Prowl is an event for everyone.