The Groovy Noodle: Far-out dining within your price range

Luke Young


Staff writer


The Groovy Noodle is a mac and cheese and ramen shop located at 57C Main street in Plymouth, between Phat Fish and The Grotto. It’s a small corner restaurant co-founded by James Basford and Sarah Hancock, because of their belief that it would be fun to have a noodle restaurant in downtown Plymouth. 

Their interior decoration reflects a 70’s aesthetic, with a few disco balls and lava lamps around the store. Plants are on the windowsills or hanging from the ceiling, and old metal signage is hung above the windows. Tables of different heights are interspersed throughout the restaurant and a few couches are pushed into one corner to offer more comfortable seating. Right when you walk in, there’s a mural of a bowl of ramen with a disco ball dangling from the chopsticks done by a local New Hampshire artist, Mike Heitz. On the opposite wall is a gallery of local art for sale, with many options to choose from.

Their menu has the advertised ramen and mac and cheese, but also includes salads, sandwiches, and various appetizers. They offer specialty and build-your-own options for everything, with many options to choose from. Their sandwiches are mostly subs and quesadillas. Most of their appetizers are fried, such as fried pickles or fried mac balls, but they also have soft pretzels and nachos. They also offer family deals, which serve up to six people and come in various options.  

I’ve been to Groovy Noodle about six times, and I’ve gotten the exact same thing every time: a build-your-own mac and cheese, with pulled pork, bacon, and green onions. The pork is well-seasoned, the bacon is crunchy, and the green onions are fresh. Altogether, this particular dish is spectacular. A similar specialty mac is the BBQ Mac, which replaces the bacon with corn and gives you the option between chicken or pork. The ingredients are mixed in well, and the food holds up strongly even days later. The taste is still the same and even reheated it comes out the same as if you’d just ordered it. 

I would highly recommend Groovy Noodle, as the prices are very manageable (around $10 for a single meal) and the amount of food given is generous. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, and the staff is helpful and friendly. The food is classic college kid but made skillfully and deliciously.