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Very cool people host Game Club, you should all go

Cosette Brochu


Staff Writer


One of Plymouth’s oldest student-run organizations, Game Club was founded late in the 1960s, and now holds meetings every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the HUB room 119. I attended a meeting and was greeted by Vice President Griffin Richards (President Tommy Burgoyne had been absent due to an illness induced by the Hot Wings event in D-hall). 

The Game Club has at least 20 members at the time of writing, even if many of them go off in groups to play Dungeons and Dragons. They regularly have events with most of the focus on an annual tradition; GameoniCon (“Game-on-ih-con”), a board game convention hosted by the club here on campus. 

Members hold events such as painting minis for Warhammer, or Harry Potter role-playing games. Last year, the Game Club collaborated with Esports to hold Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. matches among the students. Most of the club’s funding goes towards this event and is something the members are all quite excited about. 

The group is quite fond of the logical aspect of playing games, as well as the competitive nature of it. Board Games are highly addictive and feed directly into the creative, logical, and social aspects of the mind, which is something I came to realize after accidentally staying there for over an hour.

Interest in Game Club is very high, and one of their goals is to make the meetings even more accessible to increase their membership. The Game Club also used to hold some crazy events such as Zombie Night, which had to be canceled due to drunk people being frightened by members running around in the dark with Nerf guns and swords, but other than that, they seem quite content with how things are going. 

This includes having separate groups of people playing different games at the same time and a themed assortment of games to choose from per meeting; Fear, Spooky Season, mythology, Illuminati, etc. When I attended there were about six different Halloween-themed games, one called Werewolves and one called Muffin Time which was a simple deck of cards that had me glued to my chair and being (probably) way too loud. For those interested in Dungeons and Dragons, they are looking for dungeon masters, but in general, are trying to branch out to more games than just DnD.

Game Club will also loan out games to anyone who asks. They have a storage closet in the Mary Lyon basement full of games available for public use, especially other clubs, and I’ve heard it has a riot shield and Bongos gaming console hidden inside. Exercise that brain of yours and rent out a game for you and your friends instead of scrolling through your phone. Or you could check out the Game Club, where there are always plenty of people who are chill and welcoming. 

Gameonicon typically happens during the spring semester, but for now, they plan on hosting a Board Game Olympics with fun prizes and some more collaborative digital events with Esports, as well as hosting a bingo night. If you’re interested, make sure to follow them on Instagram @psugameclub.