YouTube Creator Spotlight: SuperCarlinBrothers

By: Taylor Nute, A&E Editor

There’s a certain amount of joy in the movies and shows we watched as a kid. Whether that joy came from the amazing magic of Harry Potter, the cute moments in Pixar movies, or the epic tales in Disney movies, most of us had some good times watching any of these movies. However, what if there’s more to these movies than we thought as kids? That’s exactly what this week’s YouTube channel does. Today’s YouTube Spotlight is a channel called SuperCarlinBrothers.

The channel, run by brother’s J and Ben, is essentially a channel made up of theories about different movies and shows. The two guys have talked about Harry Potter, Marvel, Pixar, Disney, Star Wars, Pokemon and so much more. They’ve also made prediction videos about different movies and shows. 

SuperCarlinBrothers is a super cool channel to check out if you’re into any of these popular movies or shows. Even if you think you know everything or have thought of everything when it comes to your favorite movie, SuperCarlinBrothers is guaranteed to have a video on the movie with a theory or fact you’ve never thought of before. As a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, and a Harry Potter fan, I’ve always enjoyed their videos on those two the most; there’s always something new to learn or think about in every video the brothers post. So, check out SuperCarlinBrothers on YouTube if you want to hear some cool theories about your favorite movies!