Student Spotlight: Benjamin Platt ’19

Name: Benjamin Platt
Major: Strategic Marketing
City/Country: Manchester, New Hampshire
Class year: 2019
Sports: Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track

As a transfer student how was the transition to Plymouth State? Out of high school I attended the University of New Hampshire. I struggled in the large classroom environment and my grades were not up to my standards. After three semesters I withdrew and started classes at Nashua Community College. With transferring credits from UNH, I graduated from Nashua Community College with an associate degree in marketing with a 3.44 GPA. The fall of 2018 was my first semester at Plymouth State, where I really excelled in and outside of the classroom. Plymouth State has great professors that challenge me academically and at the same time give students real-world stories on how they used their degrees in their career fields. It took me a few years to realize how I learned best but the small classroom sizes, multiple office hours, and lots of opportunities to see tutors have really helped me shine as a student at Plymouth State.

As a student athlete how do you balance classes and sports? As a runner, I am in season year-round for cross country, then indoor track, and then outdoor track. At times it can be very draining, but it is very rewarding. I work very hard in school and in running because as a student athlete you must maintain a certain GPA to participate. One reason I work so hard is that I don’t want to let my team down. As an upperclassman I want to set an example that education is the most important part of college. Once a week a number of cross country runners would meet and study for a 90-minute block. By doing so it encouraged teammates to stay up on their work and helped the overall grades throughout the team. With practices and meets, I find myself finishing assignments with plenty of time to spare so I do have the time to socialize with friends.

Why do you enjoy Plymouth State? I have lived in New Hampshire since first grade, so I wanted to continue my education close to my family. As a transfer, I was looking for a school with a smaller undergraduate population that had smaller class sizes. I am passionate about what I am studying, which makes Plymouth State enjoyable. As an athlete, I wanted to come to a school with a competitive running team where I would constantly improve. I made many friends my first semester and at the same time I am constantly learning new materials in my classes. Plymouth State has a “homey atmosphere” that at the same time challenges me academically every day to be a better student.

What is your plan after graduation? During the 2019 Winterim term I was a marketing office assistant in the Marketing Communications and Creative Services office at Plymouth State. I really enjoyed the opportunity to assist the office by using Adobe software and WordPress. I have been offered an exciting opportunity to intern in this office for the summer of 2019.  After working in the Plymouth State marketing department, I want to explore career options in colleges and university marketing departments.

What is your favorite restaurant on Main Street? I love food and Plymouth’s downtown restaurants have taken plenty of my money. I am a big sandwich guy and I love Biederman’s Deli. As an athlete, I get a sandwich from Biederman’s every meet, which got me hooked on its food. I usually get the Zamboa sandwich. I like how Scott and Patti Biederman are Plymouth alumni and hire many Plymouth State students in their restaurant. It is a great environment to hang with friends and eat delicious foods.