Breaking News: Radio is Alive and Well

Making a radio show with my friends has probably been the most random and rewarding thing I have done thus far at Plymouth State. Within days of first discovering that that the Radio Club even existed, my two friends and I had already created, “The Nothing in Particular Hour” and were on the air before we knew it.

In this article, I’m going to share what the radio club is, how to listen to the Plymouth radio, and how easy it is to create your very own show.

91.7 WPCR is Plymouth State’s very own radio station that broadcasts in the Plymouth area. The station primarily focuses on smaller, independent record labels—versus mainstream, top 40 style format— so new music is always being played. The radio club is a student organization that, you guessed it, runs the radio station here at Plymouth State University. The club meets every Wednesday at 9 p.m. in Memorial 103, so show up if you would like to join! The actual radio room is conveniently located in the Hartman Union Building across from the Mail Center. Chances are, you’ve walked passed it and had no idea it was there.

Still know what an actual radio looks like? Good, because you’ll need one to tune in. A streaming service is in the works, but until then, the only way to listen in is with an actual radio (car radios work!). So, blow the dust off that old one or head on down to the thrift store and pick one up. Trust me, you won’t regret it. When streaming is available in the near future, you should be able to listen with your phone or computer. From philosophy talk shows to only music shows, there is something for everyone to listen to.

More interested in making your own show? The first step is to join the Radio Club. From there, you can sign up for training sessions in order to learn how to use all the equipment properly. After you select a time slot and come up with a cool name for your show, you’re good to go! With thousands of CD’s to explore in the radio room, you’ll never run out of music to play, or if music isn’t really your thing, do a talk show instead!

The best part of radio is having people call in to your show. The station has its own phone number, so if you announce it over the air, listeners are able to call in and talk to you. Forewarning: we’ve discovered that getting phone calls are a lot rarer than we expected. However, from our friends prank calling in, to random strangers complimenting our show, you never know what to expect when the phone rings.

Whether you want to create your own show or just want to tune in, the Radio Club offers a unique experience for everyone to express themselves and have fun. In other words, grab some friends and get on the air!

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Luke Wieland ‘21 is a junior at Plymouth State University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design and is from Baltimore, Maryland. When Luke isn’t in the classroom you can find him skateboarding around campus, snowboarding at Loon, and hiking with friends.