Bold Move, Biden.

By: Michael Locatelli, For the Clock

Right wing media has really enjoyed the first year of the Biden Presidency. There have been plenty of stories and talking points for journalists to gobble up and regurgitate as fear. However, Joe Biden made positive headlines today when he announced that the U.S. will diplomatically boycott the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, China. This is a very bold move by President Biden, and it will most definitely come with repercussions from the Chinese government. According to the BBC, “The White House said no official delegation would be sent to the Games because of concerns about China’s human rights record.” This is an astoundingly brave move from a President who’s been consistently criticized by his political opponents for his unwillingness to put pressure on China.  

This a perfect move to make right now, as it doesn’t penalize American athletes who have spent years preparing for The Games. Yet, it makes a statement to the world, that the US will not support a regime responsible for grave human rights infractions. The BBC reported that the United States has called out China for its genocide of Uyghur Muslims, a minority ethnic group native to the region of Xinjiang. Over the last few years, many groups around the world have accused China of detaining over one million Uyghur Muslims in internment camps. Many former people detained at the camps have shared detailed accounts of torture and sexual violence. 

There has been much discussion about this genocide, and in recent months has gotten much more attention on social media. This move by President Biden is the first step in finding justice for the Uyghur population of Xinjiang. China will undoubtedly be insulted by the move, and I’m curious to see what moves President Xi Jinping’s government will enact in response.