Removal of Russian Liquor from NH Outlets

By: Makensie Roderick

NH governor and republican Chris Sununu instructed the state of New Hampshire’s liquor and wine outlets to remove and discontinue all sales of Russian liquors from their stores. This has all been in response to the country’s recent invasion of Ukraine. On February 24th, 2022, Russia launched a wide scale invasion on Ukraine, sparking old conflict between the neighboring countries that began back in 2014. Analysts and officials are claiming this is “potentially the largest conventional military attack we’ve seen since World War ll.” 

Sununu signed his executive order not to long ago, ordering all Russian made and Russian branded spirits removed until further notice. There are currently 67 liquor and wine outlets in the state of New Hampshire. The United States and Europe are dealing with Russia effectively and immediately. Others, like bars and liquor stores across America and Canada have found their fun way to punish Russia themselves by pulling Russian products off their shelves as well as now promoting Ukrainian products instead. Governor Sununu tweeted “New Hampshire stands with the people of Ukraine in their fight for freedom” as NH plays its part in supporting Ukraine.