David’s House- Theta Phi Alpha

By: Shannon Francolini, Managing & News Editor


Theta Phi Alpha, although new to PSU, is becoming a very important chapter of Plymouth State University’s Sorority Greek Life. The Inter Greek Council here at PSU is always working to give its efforts back to the community. Specializing in community service and sharing these opportunities with the students, Theta Phi Alpha has partnered with David’s House out of Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Creating a fundraiser collecting “water bottles, non-perishable goods, and cleaning supplies for those housing at David’s House” also collecting cases of water, instant drink mixes, canned food, and any food that is pre-packaged, or store bought (the seal cannot be broken). Theta Phi Alpha shares how David’s House is “a great facility that houses families that are seeking medical treatment at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.” This house is basically a safe-haven for children with families who want to feel comfortable and safe while receiving treatment at the hospital.

For any student or member of the community that has been searching for a way to do their part or leave their impact on the world, this is a perfect opportunity. Whether you are interested in Greek Life or just want to give back, Theta Phi Alpha will be collecting these donations from March 4th through March 12th at the HUB, Hartman Union Building, for further information you can visit www.thetaphialpha.crowdchange.co. They are also accepting cash or money donations that can be made at the website mentioned above, as well as dropping money off at the HUB for the Chapter to shop for the cause.

So far David’s House has served 15,021 families worldwide, 14,972 families from the U.S, and 49 families outside of the country. If you are unable to donate any items listed above, you can visit their website, https://davids-house.org/, and find numerous opportunities on how you can help and give back to this amazing cause. You can even do as little as sharing your story or volunteering some free time to help make these families lives easier. Anything you can contribute is extremely appreciated not only by PSU, but by the David’s House organization especially.