Photo from The Clock archives

Haiku (Series of 3)

By: Steve Ruggiero, For the Clock

The Calm Before the Storm

The planet we knew,

We had the world in our hands

But we risked it all.

The Storm

Freedom to live life,

Freedom to show our faces

All lost in the storm.

The Rain that Follows The Storm

Companies shut down,

Masks worn to protect others

But what blocks the rain?

Author’s Note:

I know this doesn’t really matter but felt important. This is all based off of COVID right now in our day and age. “The Calm Before The Storm” shows how careless we were before. “The Storm” is when COVID first hit and “The Rain” symbolizes the lingering pandemic and how we have done everything we can to stay physically healthy from COVID but we are doing nothing about all to protect our disintegrating mental states.