Photo from The Clock archives

The Younger Reality of July 4th

By: Steven Ruggiero, For the Clock

Fireworks ignite over the shiny lake water
Lighting up the night like its day,
Scents of freedom and grilled meats filled the summer air,
Families rejoice, streets are filled, happiness all around
Children playing with their cousins and other family friends,
Ash filling the air but still enough room for s’mores to enjoy.

Melting marshmallows is messy but quite easy to enjoy,
Just make sure to have a drink like a bottle of water,
Haunted by scary stories around the fire with your friends
Will keep you up all night ‘til you se the light of day, 
Fireflies fill the endless darkness all around 
Remainders of smoldering wood and ash filled the air.

Wake up the next morning smelling the fresh air
Last day in Maine to do any last things you enjoy,
Red solo cups, firework boxes, and trash all around
Waves coming in harder from the boats in the water,
Sun blazing at ninety degrees on this summer day
Ready to swim at the beach with family and friends.

Wishing you were back home to enjoy it with all of your friends
Waist deep in the water tossing the pigskin through the air, 
Making deep passes and diving catches like it's game day
Making up funny celebrations bringing the adults laughter and joy,
Running to the shore shaking like a dog misting people with water
Accidentally getting everything wet all around.

The sand stalking you as it follows you around
Making sure everything is carried by the family and friends,
The hot sun causing everybody to beg for water
Hard to breathe with such hot, humid air,
Air conditioning breaks making the car ride harder to enjoy
The car ride feeling even longer than a whole day.

Waking up feeling like a new day,
Realizing we are still far by the random buildings all around
Body all stiff and tight, a feeling nobody can enjoy,
In the middle back seat squished by two family friends
Car fresheners releasing through the A/C through the air,
Trying to get comfortable again while you start to hear the falling of water.

Rain falling on the car covering the windshield in droplets of water
Darkness following the clouds as a storm forms in the air,
Almost home to continue my summer vacation with my friends.