Fetch Your Favorite Pet Photos for CADY Fundraiser

By: Brianna Bailey, For The Clock


If you’re a pet owner, it’s more likely than not that your phone is filled with hundreds of photos starring your companion. What if there was a way to share these photos while simultaneously supporting a good cause?  PSU’s own ‘Climb Above Addiction’ has teamed up with ‘Communities for Alcohol and Drug-Free Youth’,(CADY), to host an event tailored with their pet photo contest fundraiser. The contest suggests loose categories for participants to showcase their pets in, including best buddy ever, most adorable pet, fun farm animals, sleeping beauties, most athletic companion, and favorite exotic big or small — a reassurance that pets of all kinds can make their debut into the limelight.

Both Climb Above Addiction and CADY center their work around combating the ongoing crisis of substance addiction by raising awareness of the issue. This subsequently aids in preventing substance misuse and can lead affected populations onto a path of recovery. While the manner in which each organization perceives this may differ slightly, both have decided to concentrate on CADY and its prevention programs through their pet photo fundraiser. Among these participants is Restorative Justice, acting as a court diversion program. Restorative Justice focuses on equipping first-time juvenile offenders with the knowledge and skills they need to prevent similar futuristic outcomes. This includes community-service opportunities, access to social services, education that can be applied to a range of situations (such as anger management and choice theory) and linking the core areas that influence the life of youth such as  home, school, and community.

The results of this are clearly shown through CADY’s website stating that “Since 2007, 240 youth have been given a second chance to take responsibility for their actions, make restitution to victims of juvenile crime, reconnect with their community, and turn their lives around. We are proud of our 93% success rate in promoting growth and lasting behavior change.” In a place like New Hampshire, which is ravaged by opioid addiction, being able to reshape the lives of misguided youth is especially important. 

In addition to the pet photo contest, Climb Above Addiction also plans to aid in fundraising CADY and its programs through their upcoming annual “Climb Above Addiction” event. While in past years this has involved engaging in activities such as rock climbing to symbolize the act of rising above an addiction, this year it will be hosted solely online. However, the event still promises fun-filled activities despite the circumstances. To support Climb Above Addiction and CADY, pet photos can be submitted at http://cadyinc.org/pet-photo-contest-climb-above-addiction/ for a fee of $5 per photo. The deadline for submissions is April 12th.