PSU Women’s Leadership Summit

Shannon Francolini
Managing & News Editor

Although this year will be the 6th annual Women’s Leadership Summit for PSU, students had an inside glimpse into the beauty behind the scenes. Anne Poirier a PSU alumni of ’85, also founder of Shaping Perspectives, held an extra special event this past week for all PSU students. Explaining the details of the Summit, this workshop was based for anyone who wishes to “see things differently”, as Anne put it. She goes on to further explain how she believes “mindset plays such a huge role in the way we live our life. If we look at things differently, our whole attitude can change.”  This multigenerational event encourages people “to share the experiences and lessons from the past” because they “are so helpful for everyone of all ages.” A unique perspective Anne had shared, was how admirable and humbling it can be to learn from someone who you might not have originally expected to learn anything from; and she loves that it can happen at a “common place like Plymouth State.”

The workshop targets some tough topics such as body image, eating disorders, mental illness, and lots of experience. A remarkable moment Anne shared how “It isn’t just for women, but that’s where the storyline blends itself to connection and support to women. By sharing some different tools and ideas and perspectives, you hope other women don’t have to struggle as much.” She further shares how through this connection she shares human experience, and proudly admits, “It’s so rewarding.” 

Connection and validation are two major takeaways from an honest, vulnerable, yet safe environment this workshop inhabits.

Connection and validation are two major takeaways from an honest, vulnerable, yet safe environment this workshop inhabits. Tackling topics of growth mindset and understanding, “Confidence, feeling confident in who you are, and comfortable in who you are” are just a few benefits Anne says others gain from such an experience. Anne explains how the event remains a constant “grounding point you can always reconnect with.” She perfectly relates the Summit to the current events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, explaining “there are other ways to connect than in-person and I think it strengthens the community. Its opened everyone’s eyes we can stay connected all year long.” 

Despite all the havoc the pandemic has caused, that is not stopping Anne and the Plymouth Community from continuing to plan this year’s 6th annual Women’s Leadership Summit on July 24th until July 25th, registration openings are not yet available. As put on their website, “A community dedicated to supporting women at Plymouth State University through philanthropy, unity, and personal growth”, the Leadership Summit is the perfect example of hope for women from all over. Gather your friends and family for a fun-filled workshop forming “new habits that become new hobbies that will light you up” for longer than an eternity. A supportive and understanding community of women ready to listen, share, and lead the way out of the darkness of loneliness, and into the light of love. Some of Anne’s final thoughts she shared on the event were as simple as “to know that you’re supported and can provide support. It’s all of that.” With July only three months away, mark your calendars and pack your bags for PSU’s unforgettable Women’s Leadership Summit, you will not want to miss!

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