How to Keep Yourself Motivated in a Remote Environment

By: Kathryn Peterson, For The Clock

Many students trudging through life with the coronavirus pandemic are finding it increasingly difficult to stay motivated. Being motivated represents something special about eachof us and enables us to achieve desired outcomes such as better success, improved well-being, personal development, or a sense of purpose.It is critical to find ways to enhance motivation because it allows us to change behavior, execute strategies, be creative, set goals, expand interests, make plans, develop talents, and boost engagement.With an abundance of classes being brought online, Zoom fatigue has caused a lot of burnout associated with overusing virtual platforms of communication ultimately effecting motivation. When our motivation is low, our ability to work and feel good suffers, especially in the work and classroom setting.

Plymouth State has offered an open psychoeducational group online via a Zoom webinar held by Rob Orf, to help PSU students work on motivation and accomplishing their goals. Rob Orf, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist at PSU, as well as the Training Coordinator at the Counseling Center since 2019. Rob Orf shares how “this group focuses on overcoming procrastination, overcoming perfectionism, and behavioral techniques that will help you now, and in the future”.

Orf finds it meaningful to get to know students with whom he works, to listen to them, and to understand their stories. “I believe that engaging with students to consider their challengesand provide supportive feedback while they strive for personal growth is essential” says Rob.

This meeting will be held through an ‘open room webinar’ on Fridays from 2:00-3:30PM. If you are unable to make it in the beginning, come in whenever able, as you can come and go as you please. Students will be unable to see each other further securing a stronger sense of privacy. PSU encourages all students to participate and allow yourself to get motivated and accomplish your goals.

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