Plymouth State Affordable Study Abroad Programs

Michael Locatelli
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*A full cost breakdown table can be found at the bottom of the article post* 

Studying abroad is an experience that is now accessible to all. With so many affordable programs available to PSU students, seeing the world and getting an education has never been easier. PSU offers study abroad programs in over 30 countries including affordable options in breathtaking destinations. A semester at PSU costs about $13,000/semester, while an out of state student should expect to pay somewhere in the $20,000 range per semester. All these costs are before aid and scholarship, but the best part is you can use your financial aid and scholarship money to pay for your time abroad!   

The first program to look at is the study abroad program in Costa Rica through CIS Abroad, an organization looking to “provide innovative education programs that broaden academic perspectives, promote global awareness, and encourage personal development while laying the foundation for participants to become engaged world citizens”. Costa Rica is a beautiful, tropical nation with so much to explore in the capital of San José and beyond in renowned rain forests and coral-reefs. Program fees are roughly $5650 after tuition and housing, and that covers the cost of meals, books, and other personal expenses you may incur.  

There is also incredible study abroad options at Mahidol University in Thailand that start at just $5080 to cover associated costs for meals, transportation, etc. If Thailand is a country of interest to you then check out the program at Mahidol as the cost of living in Thailand is extremely cheap and the culture/cuisine is incredibly unique.  

If you’re someone who is more drawn to Europe, look no further that the study abroad programs offered in the Czech Republic. There are two options, one focused on economics and business, offered through the University of Economics and another with a more general focus offered through Charles University. Both institutions are in the historic city of Prague, so there’s always a ton to do. If you prefer to travel to an English-speaking country, the University of Plymouth on the coast of southeastern England is the perfect destination. They offer a unique program called a bilateral exchange program, which costs the exact same amount as a semester at PSU. Plymouth is known for its beaches and breathtaking ocean views.   

If you’re looking for something in a different part of the world, check out one of our most popular, affordable programs at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan. Tuition is $14,000 US for the semester, with housing costs totaling $2975. Housing costs also include breakfast and dinner on weekdays, and three meals a day on weekends. These costs are the exact same as a semester at PSU, making Kansai Gaidai an incredible study abroad option.  

The study abroad program at Kansai Gaidai focuses on all aspects of Asian studies. During your time you’ll explore the histories of many Asian cultures, you’ll learn to speak Japanese and are able to take language classes geared to any skill level. You’ll also learn about so much more including pop culture, fashion, music, and Japanese Art as well as its influence on our familiar western culture. If you’re interested in reading more about this awesome program, click the link below! 

Studying abroad is an amazing experience and it’s never been so accessible. If you want to explore any of these programs or simply ask questions don’t be afraid to reach out to our Director of Global Engagement, Ian Lim-Bonner, at We hope you find a program that works for you!  

Cost Breakdown Table  

University  Tuition + Fees + Expenses/Semester  Room + Board/Food Fees/Semester  Total Cost of Attendance/Semester 
Plymouth State University (NH)  non-resident: $10,905* resident: $5,935*  *only tuition* $3800* + $1990 (depending on room choice, rates fluctuate but $3800 is most common)  non-resident: $14,705 resident: $9,735 
Kansai Gaidai Unversity (Osaka, Japan) Same as above Same as above  Same as above  
University of Plymouth  (Plymouth, UK)  Same as above  Same as above  Same as above  
Mahidol Unversity (Bangkok, Thailand)  $13,060  $2,015 (double room and meal plan, single rooms cost more)  $ 15,075 
Unversidad Veritas (San Jose, Costa Rica)  $9875 $3000 $12,875  
Charles University (Prague, Czech Republc)  $14,130   $2650  $16,780  
University of Economics  (Prague, Czech Republic) spring: $12,318 fall:  $12,010 spring: $3,512 fall: $1,870 spring: $15,830 fall: $13,880 

Interested in a more detailed cost breakdown? Click Here: Detailed Study Abroad Cost Breakdown.