Swipe it Forward

Makensie Roderick
For The Clock

Hey Panthers, 

This past Monday, October 25th, Plymouth State University kicked off its fifth annual Swipe it Forward Campaign. PSU’s Swipe it Forward Campaign reaches to connect PSU students facing food insecurity for meals on campus through a “virtual meal bank”. Swipe it Forward Campaign is run by the Student Support Foundation, a student organization on campus that is focused on creating a culture of philanthropy. Anyone is welcome to join and help make an impact here at our PSU community! 

Through November 3rd, 2021, students, faculty, and staff with meal plans can donate two meals to the campaign. What if you don’t have a meal plan? Well, it’s simple, if you are now without a meal plan you can make monetary donations. Now with that, the Student Support Foundation wants everyone here at PSU to know they understand it’s a busy time for giving but they appreciate everyone’s consideration and help to this campaign. 

How to donate a meal? 

  • Donate a swipe at Prospect Dining Hall and or The Union Grille. 
  • Monetary donations can be made also at Prospect Dining Hall and The Union Grille but also @ Plymouth State University’s website. 
  • The meals donated will become a part of the “meal bank” that the other students can access! 

Are you in need of a meal? 

Students who need a meal should contact the Student Support Foundation @ psu-swipeitforward@plymouth.edu 

If you wish to get connected with the Student Support Foundation yourself as well find them on Instagram and Facebook too!  

Instagram: @psu_ssf  

Facebook: @(20+) PSU Student Support Foundation | Facebook