photo of Karly Kloss

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Star Kloss-ed lovers or Swifties living in delusion

Frankie Colao-Pineyro




The song “Right Where You Left Me” by Taylor Swift follows the narrative of a woman who appears to have been left at a restaurant, presumably, by her boyfriend. However, looking more deeply into the lyrics it becomes apparent that the song is heavily implied to be about Taylor Swift’s ex-best friend and rumored former lover, Karlie Kloss.  

Karlie Kloss is an American fashion model who was declared to be one of the “Top 30 models of the 2000s” by Vogue Paris when she was seventeen. The two became swift friends around 2014, and the dating rumors were quick to ensue, coining the couple name Kaylor. They were even allegedly spotted kissing at one of The 1975 concerts. Unfortunately, Swift and Kloss had a falling out around 2017 over Kloss seemingly siding with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, who had written a diss track about Swift and then edited a phone call to make it seem as though she had given permission.  

The opening line goes, “Friends break up, friends get married” immediately setting the tone that is not about an ex-boyfriend, but a friend, and one who has recently been married. She then goes on to say, “Strangers get born, strangers get buried Trends change, rumors fly through new skies But I’m right where you left me” The premise of the song is that Swift is permanently stuck in this moment where this person has left her, and makes it clear that she has been frozen here for quite some time.  

The song came out in 2020 as a deluxe track for T.S. 9, “Evermore”, which Swift released when she was around 29. In the song, however, she notes that she is “…still 23 inside her fantasy,” which is around the same age that Swift was when she and Kloss were still friends.  

In the bridge of the song, Swift sings, “You told me that you met someone Glass shattered on the white cloth” This line is the single most damning piece of evidence within the entire song. On October 18, 2018, Kloss married Joshua Kushner, nephew-in-law to former U.S. president Donald Trump. According to People magazine, “The couple wed in an intimate Jewish ceremony held in upstate New York with just under 80 guests in attendance.” Upon first glance, one would think that the glass being shattered on white cloth is Swift dropping her drink out of shock, but given the fact that Kloss had a Jewish wedding, it is likely in reference to the Jewish tradition that a couple smashes a glass in a white cloth to signify their union. This line could also double to represent Swift’s broken heart over the marriage. I guess you could say Swift’s heart was glass and Kloss dropped it!  

The rumors, however, are all hearsay and Swifties may never know the true reason for Swift and Kloss’ falling out, but everyone is happy to see her thrive with or without Kloss. See you next time, Swifties!