photo of taylor swift movie. how did Syd get this? I do not ask questions

Photo by Sydney Anderson

This author has not seen the Eras Tour movie… yet

Frankie Colao-Pinyero




We are in our Eras era! “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” was released in theaters on Friday, October 13, the date being set after Swift’s iconic lucky number. The film was shot during Taylor’s performances on August 3-5 at Los Angeles’ So-Fi stadium and features the entirety of the concert. It heavily focuses on the dancers, displaying their incredible work that might not be easy to see live. Unfortunately, however, the movie does not include songs such as: “The Archer” “Tis’ The Damn Season” “No Body, No Crime” “Long Live” “Cardigan” “Seven (interlude)” and “Wildest Dreams.”  

Despite this, the film was still a tremendous success, raking in about $96 million on its opening weekend, and over $100 million in advance ticket sales. According to AMC, the distributor of the film, it took less than 24 hours for the movie to shatter its US record for the highest ticket sales revenue during a single day in the company’s 103-year history. 

Swifties were definitely excited to remember the concert all too well, arriving in full Eras tour outfits, singing along, and dancing in the theaters. One video even surfaced on TikTok of Swifties holding hands and spinning in a circle, captioned “Swifties are never beating the cult allegations.”  

Fans also love to relate to the songs in a whole new way. PSU student and long-time Swiftie, Sydney Anderson, said the funniest moment she has had in a long time was seeing the movie with her ex-significant other and making direct eye contact while singing “We Are Never Getting Back Together.”  

On Wednesday, Swift also invited 2,200 fans to be the first to view the Eras Tour Movie in 13 different theaters, making an appearance in every single one. “I hope when you watch it, you’ll feel this, but you are such a main character in it because your spirit, and your magic, and your attention to detail, and your passion, and the ways that you showed up to this show is why it was the adventure of a lifetime for me.”