Take a Break from Hitting the Books – Hit the Slopes Instead with PSU Women’s Leadership Summit

By: Brianna Bailey, For the Clock


Amidst a deluge of winter storms and the stagnancy of day-to-day life in the COVID-19 pandemic, our outlooks can appear bleak. It’s easy to become buried under the weight of all this snow, but an uplifting alternative provides the opportunity to rise above it. Starting at 9:30 AM on Wednesday March 10th, the PSU Women’s Leadership Summit will be hitting the slopes of Cannon Mountain in a community ski day. Any interested participants are encouraged to join and can meet up with the group at the Peabody Quad.

The organization is made up of women from all over – ranging from Alumni, family, friends, students, and community members – and serves as a hub for connection and growth within our community. “All of our events are so energizing because of the opportunity to meet, connect, and network with women from all over. This summer was our 5th year anniversary and, even with the pandemic, we rose up and held some amazing virtual events!” said Lauren Lavigne, co-founder of the Women’s Leadership Summit.

Skiing is an advantageous choice as a community event in that it primarily takes place outdoors where proper social distancing is easier to practice. However, guests must still follow Cannon’s safety guidelines to maintain public health. This includes wearing a mask indoors and outdoors when maintaining a distance of 6 feet is not possible, practicing frequent handwashing, and remaining home if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. As Cannon puts it: “Be well = Ski well”.

The Women’s Leadership Summit recognizes the importance of forming bonds and receiving support in the face of adversary, stating on their website that “At the heart of our mission is the drive to support the women of Plymouth State by building a strong community, through mentorship, and philanthropic scholarship support. We do this by inspiring women to dedicate time to their personal wellness, to set an intention of growth, and build a network of support so they may thrive. In turn, we give back to help the next generation. Never before in the history of the Women’s Leadership Summit has this support been more critical.” This ski day event isa glimpse at the comradery that this organization fosters.

Lift tickets must be purchased in advance through the Cannon Mountain website at https://www.cannonmt.com/. They are $45 as part of the New Hampshire Resident’s day deal, and free for anyone 65 and older.