Quarantine Chronicles: Juliana Nagel ’20

Week Two

I feel like I’m going insane. I am starting to talk to myself. I am starting to forget what day of the week it is and I can’t even tell time anymore. I am sitting in a house thinking I am grounded from the world. I think to myself, how the heck did we end up here? I found myself in disbelief and I was a little unsettled when I was told PSU was switching to online learning for the rest of the spring semester due to the recent COVID-19 virus.  

As a senior at PSU, I never thought my college career would end a few months short because of a virus. Now that classes have been switched over to meeting online, I feel like I am attending Zoom University instead of Plymouth State University. Having to switch from meeting in person to online classes was something I found difficult to do. I had never used Zoom or any other platform to meet and discuss class over the internet so it was something I had to get familiar with.  

To get through my days I try to stay active so I feel healthy and in shape even though I still feel like crap. It is depressing when you have to isolate yourself from the outside world. I literally have cabin fever more than I have ever thought I could have. Sometimes I am happy I have to do class work—how surprising I know! It is actually something to look forward to because it passes time. Zoom is a great platform because you can see your professors and classmates and have conversations, even though you can literally see the inside of your professors and classmates’ home. I think it is kind of weird, but hey it gets the job done.   

If I am not working out or doing classwork, I am hanging inside playing board games with my family. We have probably played Scrabble at least 200 times in the last two weeks. Somehow, I haven’t flipped the board over or sent letters flying yet. Board games and playing cards has given me the time to bond with my family even though it can turn into MMA fighting sometimes.  

I spent two weeks at home since Spring Break ended and then decided that I needed different scenery. I packed my bags and ended back in Plymouth and have been staying in my off-campus apartment. It was getting too hectic with my parents working from home and I was getting overwhelmed being under the same roof for too long. Having to quarantine has turned into BOREantine and I mean it is literally so boring being at home at all hours of the day, unless I am staying active outside or I have to run to the grocery store. I am trying to overcome this worldwide crisis by staying active, staying healthy, and staying at home for most of the time. I do think if everyone is staying home then we can defeat this thing. Although this pandemic is awful to be a part of, hopefully 2021 will be our year.