Quarantine Chronicles: Keegan Burch ’20

Week Three

My story will begin at week three. Since the beginning of the pandemic, after returning from Spring Break, I have been quarantined with my boyfriend and roommates. It hasn’t been all too bad considering there are around 10 of us that have been living together. There is never a dull moment.

Although this is a difficult situation for all of us, we are trying to make the most of it while still getting work done, as well as following government regulations. My friend Olivia and I have been trying to stay active as much as possible, whether we go outside for a run, workout with resistant bands, or even just a walk around campus (six feet apart of course). The other day we walked almost four miles throughout the community and campus! It felt so good to get moving. Something like that only takes about an hour out of the day. Yesterday we walked to Secret Beach, which was nice to be able to see the Pemi and a new atmosphere than we are used to. Also, going for hikes is a great way to get outside and do something. Rattlesnake Mountain was only about two miles total up and down.  

I know we all have homework that needs to be done, but don’t want to do it. It has been very hard to stay motivated and be on task since most of us are sitting around all day and would have to sit around some more doing work. It can be very hard to focus. One thing we have all been doing to stay on track is having homework circles in the family room. We all grab our laptops and get work done for a couple hours a day. We reward ourselves with a game of ping pong or with a TV show or movie afterwards.  

Being on the Women’s Soccer Team here at Plymouth, I need to be active. My coach actually just sent out some workouts and ball skills for us to focus on during this time. It is very important in this time to keep active and make sure you get outside for that fresh air, even if you just sit outside and do your homework. I noticed being cooped up inside can lead to feeling depressed or being unhappy. Therefore, get up and get moving!  

This whole thing has actually brought us a lot closer than we were before. No one stays cooped up in their room because that’s boring! We have to embrace this for what it is and spend time with one another (if you’re able to). Another thing that has gotten us through this whole quarantine is card games. We have been playing Skip-Bo, Cards Against Humanity, and many more! I have to admit my sleeping schedule is starting to get a little messed up due to not being on a set schedule anymore. However, I want to fix that and start planning my days out better to utilize my time. This is the perfect time to start something you have always wanted to do, go back to a hobby, or even reconnect with friends. The most important thing is to remember to hang in there and we are all going through the same thing together.