Decision Point II

Decision Point II requirements should be completed by the end of year three, fall semester.

All education programs have minimum GPA requirements to be accepted into Teacher Certification Candidacy. By the end of the semester preceding your internship, you must have the minimum cumulative GPA required by your program.

The NH Codes of Conduct and Ethics apply to all educators in NH, including college students in field work and internships. Read and familiarize yourself with these documents.

Complete the Criminal History Record Check

By NH State Law, A Criminal History Record Check is required for all students who declare candidacy in an educator preparation program. This mandatory criminal history record check must be completed during the second year at PSU and includes both fingerprinting (submitted to the NH Department of Safety) and an application for clearance (submitted to the NH Department of Education).

Information about background checks 


Submit the Internship in Teaching Application

The Internship in Teaching Application notifies the Holmes Center that you have completed coursework and Decision Point requirements and are ready to have your internship placement assignment for the following year.  Submit your application before your internship semester as follows :

  Fall Internships January 30  (prior spring semester)
  Spring Internships April 15 (prior spring semester)
  Year-long Internships January 30 (prior spring semester)

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