NH DOE Licensure Requirements

Following is the process for licensure recommendation most of which occurs after completion of the internship in teaching.

PSU & The Holmes Center

1) Submit your graduation application by the Registrar's deadline.

2) After semester grades close, the Registrar will audit your transcript for your Degree Conferral.

3) The Holmes Center Licensure Officer will review your transcript and recommendation requirements.

          NH DOE Endorsement Codes
    Licensure Rules

4) The Registrar will notify the Homes Center of your Degree Conferral.

5) The Holmes Center Licensure Officer will recommend you to the NH Department of Education and notifies you via an email to your PSU account.

NH Department of Education

6) The NH DOE receives your licensure recommendation from the Holmes Center.

7)     → Complete the licensure application via your NH DOE EIS account (fee) on myNHDOE.
                         NH DOE Licensure Application Instructions 

          → Complete content area tests as required (vary by program; fee/s) and upload scores to your EIS account. This requirement can be completed as soon as content coursework is completed (even before the internship semester).  The licensure process will be optimally efficient after the internship, and you will be eligible for employment in your licensure area as soon as possible.
                         Content-area Test Information & Instructions

Note: You will need to upload your score sheet/s if you did not have your scores directly reported to the DOE. You can tell if they have your scores, because you will see the tests listed on your DOE EIS Educator page.

          → Upload your official transcript to your DOE EIS Educator page.

PSU Registrar uses Parchment to order official transcripts. For instructions, go to the Registrar's transcript page, see the Alumni (Degree Awarded) graduated after 1985 button (about 3/4 down the page) to order an electronic transcript.

          → Complete a new criminal records check (fee/s).

                        Criminal Record Check instructions for new licensure applicants

8) The NH DOE will notify you when your licensure application has been approved.


  • Degree conferral (by Registrar) can take 2-4 weeks to complete.

  • Per NH DOE rules, graduates must complete and submit the licensure application requirements within 3 years of completing the program and being recommended for licensure.