Criminal Record Checks

NH state law [RSA 189:13-a(IX)(b)] requires criminal history record checks for students who declare candidacy in an educator preparation program at an institution of higher education. There are many crimes which bar employment in education in New Hampshire.

Mandatory Criminal Record Check #1 

The State of NH Department of Education requires a criminal records check upon acceptance to the program. Individuals applying to PSU programs leading to teacher certification must complete a criminal record check with the NH Department of Safety and set up a myNHDOE – Educator Info System (EIS) account. The following table lists the steps involved.

This table provides an overview of steps to complete a criminal records check in New Hampshire with the Department of Education.

Detailed Criminal Record Check Instructions


Mandatory Criminal Record Check #2

Interns must submit the Placement Confirmation Sheet to the Holmes Center.  Then, interns must contact the SAU office to complete the FBI criminal record check. New Hampshire state law requires the SAU to have the criminal record check results in their office before the internship begins.   

Additional Background Checks

School districts may also require a criminal records check prior to the start of any early or mid-level field experience. Students must comply with local school policies and pay for all criminal record checks.