Decision Point I

Decision Point I should be completed in your first year at PSU.

All education programs have minimum GPA requirements to be accepted into Teacher Certification Candidacy. By the end of the semester preceding your internship, you must have the minimum cumulative GPA required by your program.

The New Hampshire State Board of Education on Nov. 8, 2018, approved the Educator Code of Conduct, following the approval of an educator Code of Ethics in June 2018. This combined set of rules and procedures is not in response to any one circumstance or incident, but are designed to build on the high standards of the state’s educators, elevate the education profession, and provide guidance to educators. The NH Codes of Conduct and Ethics apply to all educators in NH, including college students in field work and internships. Read and familiarize yourself with these documents.

The Holmes Center offers pre-teacher candidate orientations several times a year. Orientation is also available by appointment, especially for transfer and graduate students.

Orientation Includes:

Meeting the Holmes Center Clinical Coordinator
An explanation of Decision Point I and requirements an overview of the other Decision Points
  Navigation of the Holmes Center webpages

Complete the Candidacy Application

This form activates your teacher candidacy file with the Holmes Center including your Taskstream account. Please complete once. 

Declaration of Teacher Candidacy Application Form

Take the Praxis Core Tests

Passing Praxis Core scores in Reading, Writing and Math (as required for teacher candidates) or the test evaluation request are required at least 1 year before the internship begins. Scores must be reported to the Holmes Center.

Praxis Core tests are an assessment of basic skills and are designed to measure proficiency in the areas of reading, writing, and math. The Praxis Core tests should be taken during your first year at PSU and must be passed by meeting the current scores required by the State of New Hampshire. Students must retake and pass any portion of the Praxis Core where the minimum score has not been achieved. There is a period of time required before a test can be retaken, so take these tests right away.

  Praxis Core Tests Passing Score
  Reading 156
  Writing 162
  Mathematics 150

Performance at or above a predetermined minimum score (set by the NHDOE) on a nationally recognized test in the areas of reading, writing, and/or mathematics (such as, but not limited to, the SAT, GRE, or ACT) can be used to get a waiver for the Praxis Core requirement. Submit the Test Evaluation Request directly to the NHDOE, as outlined below.

Directions for submitting the Test Evaluation Request are posted on our Praxis Core Requirement page.

Praxis Core Requirement Page

Create a myNHDOE EIS Account & Profile

link to myNHDOE

detailed instructions

Complete the Criminal History Record Check

By NH State Law, A Criminal History Record Check is required for all students who declare candidacy in an educator preparation program. This mandatory criminal history record check must be completed during the second year at PSU and includes both fingerprinting (submitted to the NH Department of Safety) and an application for clearance (submitted to the NH Department of Education).

Information about background checks 

Request Two (2) Faculty Evaluations

Faculty Evaluations must be submitted from two PSU faculty members with whom you have taken classes. They do not have to be education professors.

Review the evaluation items (see button below - this is not a letter of recommendation), then thoughtfully choose which of your professors you will ask. Make requests in person, then follow-up with a thank-you email that includes the link to the evaluation (below), your student ID#, and certification program/major.

  Faculty Evaluation Items

  Link to Faculty Evaluation Form