Decision Point III

Decision Point III requirements must be completed by the end of the semester prior to the internship.

All education programs have minimum GPA requirements to be accepted into Teacher Certification Candidacy. By the end of the semester preceding your internship, you must have the minimum cumulative GPA required by your program.

The NH Codes of Conduct and Ethics apply to all educators in NH, including college students in field work and internships. Review these documents and be prepared to ask questions at Seminar I.

The Decision Point III milestone includes matching teacher candidates with mentor teachers. This is arranged by program coordinators and the Holmes Center. Once assigned, teacher candidates (interns) will meet with mentors to introduce themselves and begin the exciting task of building relationships. The Internship in Teaching calendar for your internship semester will be posted during your third year. Make sure to record the calendar dates in your planner before the internship semester begins.

Complete & Submit the Placement Confirmation & Intern Agreement Form

The confirmation sheet ensures that the intern, mentor, and placement school administration are all aware and in agreement to fulfill the requirements of the internship in teaching. The Internship Agreement (pg 2 of the form) is a list of expectations for interns that are explained in the Internship Handbook, at Seminar I, on the Holmes Center Internship page as well as by faculty and the clinical coordinator.

The completion and submission of the Confirmation Sheet indicates that the intern is aware and agrees to adhere to the list on page 2 as well as the internship placement. Submission of the form is the responsibility of the intern.

The completed Internship in Teaching Placement Confirmation & Intern Agreement  must be submitted to the Holmes Center (digital scan sent via email is acceptable) before the Registrar opens registration for your internship semester in order to ensure no delay in the intern's registration process.

In addition, teacher candidates are responsible to contact the placement district office (SAU) to complete an additional criminal records check. New Hampshire law requires the SAU to have the criminal record check results in their office before the internship begins.

Attend Seminar I: Preparing for the Internship

Seminar I is required for all interns. The Holmes Center will host a meeting to explain the ins and outs of your internship. Mentors and University Supervisors will experience similar material in their internship overview and training sessions. Seminar I for interns happens the semester before your internship experience and may be held before, during, or after class (with scheduling assistance from faculty) as well as at scheduled, open-to-all sessions.

Seminar I Includes:

  • Overview of your internship calendar
  • Overview of the internship in teaching policies and handbook
  • Introduction to co-teaching
  • attendance, dress code, and lesson planning expectations
  • review of the NH Codes of Conduct and Ethics

In addition:

You must apply for Degree Conferral, even if you do not plan to participate in the graduation ceremony. If not, the Holmes Center will not be notified that you have graduated because the Registrar's office won't know that you want to do so. You will find the information you need to complete your application on the Registrar's "Degree Completion, Transcripts, and Diplomas" page.

Content Area Testing is not required for graduation or for recommendation for licensure. It is, however, required by the NH DOE for most licensure endorsements. Teacher candidates should plan and study for their licensure required content area testing (e.g., Praxis II and Foundations of Reading) before the internship semester, while coursework learning will be freshest (test taking should happen before or during the internship semester. The licensure process will be optimally efficient after the internship, and employment will be available as soon as possible.