Decision Point IV

Decision Point IV is the internship!

All education programs have minimum GPA requirements to be accepted into Teacher Certification Candidacy. By the end of the semester preceding your internship, you must have the minimum cumulative GPA required by your program.

The NH Codes of Conduct and Ethics apply to all educators in NH, including college students in field work and internships. Review these documents.

Content Area Testing is not required for graduation or for recommendation for licensure. It is, however, required by the NH DOE for most licensure endorsements. Teacher candidates should take their licensure required content area testing (e.g., Praxis II and Foundations of Reading) during the internship semester, while coursework learning will be freshest. The licensure process will be optimally efficient after the internship, and employment will be available as soon as possible.  

Content-area Test Requirements and Instructions

Decision Point IV is the culmination of your Road to Teacher Certification journey. You have worked hard to arrive at this point, and you deserve to make the most of your internship. Take advantage of additional events (such as resume workshop, education job fair, etc.) during your internship. You will find the Internship in Teaching Handbook, Calendar, and further information on the Internship in Teaching webpage.

Register for the Internship

Upon submission of the completed Internship Confirmation Form,  the Holmes Center will complete your registration override. Therefore, Decision Points I and II must also be completed before the date of registration for your internship semester or year.

Attend Seminar II: Preparing for Employment

This seminar is an opportunity to meet with NH superintendents to discuss the hiring process. It is held one time during your internship semester. Educational leaders will share best practices for effective resumes and cover letters as well as coaching for excelling during interviews. Professional Dress is required.

Midterm/Site 1 Evaluation

The Mentor Teacher and University Supervisor will each complete this evaluation after the first seven weeks of the internship. The Internship in Teaching Handbook explains the expectations for evaluation completion. The intern is expected to use the evaluation and feedback received to set competency goals for the remainder of the internship.

Program Specific Evaluations

Final/Site 2 Evaluation

The Mentor Teacher and University Supervisor will each complete this evaluation at the conclusion of the internship. The handbook explains the expectations.

Seminar III: Internship Wrap-Up

At the end of the internship, Holmes Center faculty and staff will host an event to explain the Licensure process and discuss next steps after graduation. This required seminar will also be a celebration of success!

Overview of the NH Licensure Process

Plymouth State University Educator Preparation Programs are approved by the New Hampshire State Board of Education and reviewed by the New Hampshire Council for Teacher Education (NHCTE). Completion of a PSU Educator Preparation Program (EPP) leads to recommendation for endorsement for the Beginner Educator Licensure with the New Hampshire Department of Education. Upon completion of an EPP, candidates may also request verification of program completion to other states. For information on reciprocity and obtaining a teaching license in a state other than NH, please contact the Holmes Center for assistance, You can also contact the Department of Education for the state in which you are interested in pursuing licensure. Reciprocity does not mean an educator license from one state is automatically exchanged for a license in another state. The educator may have to complete additional requirements, such as coursework, assessments, or classroom experience, before receiving a full professional certificate in the new state.